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  1. Is it just me, or does this actually look horrid from the front. It seems the Designers over-did things to project an over-intimidating image. Thankfully though, they got rid of the silver tooth. From the side, it looks okay, but the hump under the C-Pillar looks odd. I would, personally, have liked a slightly higher stance at the front. The rear is what I like best. Sufficiently stylish, yet understated. And what about those Chocolate coloured interiors? They look yucky!
  2. 65 Miles or 105 KM is good for the average commuter, however i think they should of added a gasoline powered generator just like what the Chevrolet Volt has and will get people who need more of a range than 65 miles into the EV iQ. I can see myself in the EV iQ since i travel about 70-80 KM's a day give or take. But i do exceed 100 KM's so having a gas generator will be a big plus to me. Too bad we in USA might have to wait a bit longer to get the iQ than those in Europe.