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    Well they do not have the parts for A/C compressor or the front seat but have fixed the rear screen and few dings on the front left side that happened due to the whole suspension incident. Total bill is 65000/- and i guess i would have to pay for now. As for the other parts it would cost 300000/- plus 4 months to order them from germany.
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    Well there is nothing new. The car is parked at BMW DEALER IN NEW DELHI. The brakes and the airbag was faulty over and above the other problems therefore at 9000kms the car completely gave up. The rear windscreen had a chip so we sent the car through our insurance company to fix all the problems as BMW now was asking 4-5 lakh to fix all the problems. Last update was that the windscreen was replaced but the Airbag/ A/C compressor/ electric front seat motor burnt would not be fixed as BMW DECIDED TO INTERVENE into insurance matter and told them not to replace as there is a dispute going on. So the last update is that the car is parked at Deutsche Motoren Pvt. Ltd. H5/ B-1, Mohan Co-Operative Industrial Estate, Mathura Road, New Delhi - 110044 Tel +91 11 4167 9900 Sales: Sanjeev Hazari Tel +91 11 4168 2554 It is not in a driveable condition. I have emailed to BMW germany as well as international yet no one has bothered to contact or fix the problem. I have sent the complaint to Auto car india editor as well but in vain. It seems that these car manufacturers are some kinda mafioso's . No one wants to write the negitive "truth". I had posted on the TEAM BHP website and my post was deleted . It is the link below of a thread started by some other concerned member. This is not my original thread Team BHP sent me an email as per their quote below: "Hi nick320d, The following thread that you created has been deleted ----- Thread: Bmw India A Rip Off Forum: Test-Drives & Initial Ownership Reports Reason: You have already opened a thread on this subject on the board. Please do not spam. Thread removed. Please do not reply to this PM. This is an automated message sent by the moderation system. Regards The Team-BHP Support Team" How funny is that??? See if any of you guys can call these dealers and bug the heck out of them. Maybe that might move them. God knows!!!!
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    Yes this is assy in India. I think people need more awareness in India. If you are buying a car and paying cash for it in the segment of 32 lacs (aprox US$ 92000) they should come and wash your toilet for a month let alone harssment. 100K segment in the US is up there. Answering to the BIRD AUTOMOTIVE question about me changing my tyres affected the suspension assy, "presuming that i did change my tyres before incident" is this a contagious disease that their demo car also caught at the same time? Secondly, the front left tyre was destroyed because of the suspension and they refused to change that in warranty and were forcing me to buy a new tyre from them at the rate of RS 22,000 for one ture!!!! Funny and amazing. So i decided to go with the same size Yokohama Tyres on the same rim for RS 18000 per 4 tyres. If anyone is techinical here should verywell know that if changing a tyre can blow the suspension and the A/C compressor can be busted by changing the head lamp, you should think to yourself" is it worth getting stuck in a place in the middle of nowhere if god forbidds your tyre and head lamp blows out and you are miles away from a BMW dealership". Speak to Mr. Patil in the workshop of BIRD AUTOMOTIVE, GURGAON and ask the ******* that would you abandon your daughter in another country if she started taking drugs?????This was my question to him that stirred this conterversy. It is personal with them. I do not know them from Adam. If I can be a scape goat, you can be too.
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    Hi As mentioned before we had changed the headlamps to xenon. That was the extenty of the modification on the car. Anyhow the problem of the front suspension is a manufacturing defect that could kill people. It has happened with their demo car as well. Secondly, why change the front end and then cancel the warranty?. There is a lot at stake both for us and them. They are selling a 30 lack car and there should be a lot of responsiabilities attached with it, not that a 3 lack car does not. I do not know how to contact autocar india. We have written to BMW AG, germany as well but no reply as yet. BMW india is based out of gurgaon and are very well aware of the situtation. The problem is that the people heading the operation in India are british and that answers all the questions. The legal system was designed by them for their benifit and we are still following it. A sad statement.
  5. Bought a new bmw 320d from Bird Automotive in Gurgaon, NCR brand new. ever since the first day it started giving problems. We took it to the dealer and they got deffencive. Well all hell broke loose as the front wheel (left) came out while driving due to manufacturing defect. The things got out of hand as the blame game started that we had installed xenon lamps in the car but to their surprise the same suspension problem happened with their demo car. So after 2 months they decided to change the complete front end. Well to cut the story short the car started giving numerous problems i.e the air conditioner compressor burnt while driving and the front passanger seat motor burnt. Now we are told that the warranty has been cancelled on this car. Now this is comming straight from BMW India. We are in India due to work and do not know the legal system that well, to the advantage of BMW. If anyone knows how to go about this would be helpful again "never buy BMW in India". Paid 32 lack and got a lemon FuelRunGod2007-12-23 16:20:30