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  1. Hi, If any one Tire is losing pressure, there are chances of minute rupture which may not be visible by naked eye. You need to go for an Inspection at a Tire shop where they can get the leak rectified.
  2. Hi, I was going through the treads. Just would like to know - during these period have you seen check engine light glowing - either continously or sometimes?
  3. Hi, It seems the clutch plate has slipped causing burnt smell. If the tires are flat, its not advised to tow as it will create great resistance. Hence when the effort is very high, its affects clutch
  4. Pls check the recommended multigrade specs grade mentioned in the owners manual and go only for that.
  5. Hi, If you are telling that the vehicle is starting fine in cold condition & takes long cranking in hot condition, suspect fault with fuel pump/fuel line. Needs to be diagnosed
  6. Hi, Normally this phenomenon of pulling is related to Wheel Alignment. Pls get the Wheel alignment checked at the dealer. That should give a fair idea of misalignment. Also check for any tyre wears on surface/shoulders etc
  7. Hi, Fuel consumption depends on so many parameters and to a great extent depends on the driving habits of the user. Normally the Engine will deliver power at a very economical fuel consumption in the following bands - 0-20 Km/Hr - 1st Gear 20-40 Kms/Hr - 2nd Gear 40-60 Kms/Hr - 3rd Gear 60-80 Kms/Hr - 4rth Gear 80 Kms/Hr and above - 5th Gear Above data defers case to case Secondly also even if you fill the tank full, and drive the car till the fuel tank is empty, the pattern of driving i.e long distance/short distance stoppage contribute to the performace of fuel consumption. Condition of Air filter, Spark Plugs plays a very cital role in this Additionally you can get the consumption checked accurately by fuel econometer which may be available with the dealers. Regards
  8. praas72

    tyre problem

    Hi, Firstly pls check the below - 1. Is the tilt quite visible? 2. Has there been any kind of impact on footpaths/pavements etc? 3. When you drive is there any pulling?? Once above things are verified it will be clear to solve the issue