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  1. Sorry guys for delayed response.I was pretty busy with my exams. Finally i got my car fixed and Krishna auto's accepted that it was there fault and they fixed my car free of cost. Thanks to everyone u guys really help a lot. Hug
  2. I was also the one who is waiting for Fabia... but.. well Skoda has already lost a customer..
  3. Thank you FRG We are going to talk to their customer support one more time.. and see what they say.. coz they told that they'll call me in evening and give their final decision about what they will do with my problem. I will give update on this thread.. and will write a mail to auto car if decision is unacceptable.
  4. ya i am dead sure its a manufacturing defect....
  5. ya i guess its like that...but in my case the new one got damaged after driving just 1500kms... im just waiting for FRG's reply...lets see what he say
  6. awsome machine dude.A monster on wheels.. its make me woooooooooooooow....
  7. ya i guees there is a prob with laura clutch....
  8. i think its better to wait.. till he come online and see the topic... if he do not get his attention to this topic then i will PM him..
  9. may i know what is FRG???n how to contact them? sorry i want to avoid tv for now, may be in future i need to contact them if nothing works... thank you for ur suggestion buddy...
  10. i called Skoda's Customer support office but they told me that clutch doesn't come under warranty terms.. so they cannot do anything.. even when clutch system crashed first time they said i have to pay half the money.. i don't know if its the monopoly game being played by the company or their service center... I am really confused.. I might call their office one more time.. or i have to take some strict actions..
  11. ? he he coool ' date=' and by the way we can call you Viper rather than to call you as Vibhor ? regards, priya[/quote'] sure call me what ever u like...but viper sounds kool 2 me
  12. well.. my first bad experience with a great company.. Its starts something like this.. I bought new Skoda Laura in April,2007 from Krishna Autos Ludhiana. I never thought i was making a mistake.. after a month with just a usage of 3000Km.. i faced the problem with Airbags. after two mounts in july i was in chandigarh & i faced problem with a/c my car showing near 8500km run and its really hard to drive car without ac in those days. krishna auto took a weak to repair my car. After some days i faced the problem with the rear door window. Problems werecoming from everywhere... then got problems with the car speakers. AND THEN!! a huge problem with clutch start, it was doing slipping. Finally my clutched changed on near 18500 and i paid half payment for it as company refused to pay it.. I got clutch start replaced with a new one.. can you believe i just drove it almost 1500km after the replacement and clutch stopped working.. its completely failed to work.. Its simply unacceptable, that clutch failed after using it for 1500km... i don't know its a negative point of Skoda Laura or bad servicing and repair.. of Skoda workshop. Now skoda is simply refusing that its not their fault.. and they are tending to move backward.. not accepting input from my side. I got call from Krishna Autos today evening they said that I have to pay all the repair amount. This is something which is pinching me a lot after all i faced with this car.. I am thinking to give a visit at Consumer court.. and put my point forward there.. i just want a suggestion from you friends.. tell me how should i move forward.. what is the best thing to do now.. waiting for your replies..