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  1. I am Raj, from Gurgaon! Hello to everyone! p.s. if I want to post a for sale post, how to do that? Regards Raj
  2. This design looks great! But, the part I am missing which I like in the old design, is the that top 6 or 7 news items, with the latest hot news which has the relevant photo. Currently, it is in the right side, not so prominent. The rotating graphics more prominent. Visually appealing, but, I liked the old style news items, which at one sight gives a glimpse of the latest news, quickly. Neverthless, the design is more professional and neater and full marks.
  3. Ertiga is an interesting proposition for sure! But, is that coming with the same 1.3 75hp like Swift or with the one in SX4 DDiS? A VGT or a Turbo is a good one to have, but the Swift DDIS is underpowered for a 7 (Ertiga is a 7 seater, I think) seater right? I am going to Truevalue soon to have some estimation. or, something else, came suddenly and thought I will get some opinions as well. I have a Scorpio with my dad for his use. Is it a good idea to give the SX4 Auto to him (driver driven). Dad has a very low usage, less than 1000 kms a month. I trade in the Scorpio for something, which suits me? I might shortlist, XUV 5OO and a small AT hatch together as many has suggested.
  4. Sorry for multiple posts: this is the error message, I got. Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server error '80004005' Could not find server 'WHB-1-NEW' in sys.servers. Verify that the correct server name was specified. If necessary, execute the stored procedure sp_addlinkedserver to add the server to sys.servers. I get this message when press Post Reply button. /archive/autocar_forum/new_post.asp, line 1142
  5. OT: Forum Support, I get an error message, when I submit the message, says, the message is not posted. But when I come back, actually I see the message. If needed I can get a screenshot. I have seen the message atleast 80% of the time, I submitted a post.
  6. The on road price for a Chevy Beat Diesel is around 5 lakhs, I hope. I am still not convinced on the CNG, as it will screw up if not done properly, will end up paying more. Now, the decision has to be made either sell and get a Diesel - loss of around 2 lakhs - once off and forget it (its is difficult!) or get another diesel, a cheap one at it. Things are getting really confusing.
  7. The issue in this idea, which also, I thought about, as I mentioned earlier, the warranty, for two years, I got will be void. But, I am not too worried. But one of my friend said, the capacity of the tank is small and tank range will be around 200+ kms only and then, you have to be in that snake like q around those CNG outlets. But, personally, I am not sure, how bad that is. I thought, I can fill, during some odd hours. Pls add your well. Thanks.
  8. 60kms in total in a day for me. Not one trip, just to clarify. So total, 60+8=68x31 approx 2600 kms including some trips to airport/railway station etc.
  9. I have a SX4 Auto Petrol. Less than a year old. Bought it for 8 lakhs++ on road. It just gulps petrol and 70Rs a liter, I spend 15k a month, which is I believe can be reduced. I am planning to sell/exchange. I need a Diesel Automatic, preferably SUV for Gurgaon roads. Is it economical to sell this one off and get a Diesel Auto? I loose a lot of this SX4 when selling. I am really confused but determined to go for a Diesel but whether this decision is the right one economically or not? Pls advice. Thanks.
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    Hello All, Good to you guys! and Gals! First post! Why the cursor is so big?