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  1. Fiesta c is a brilliant car, esp for its ability to handle the Indian roads, hard suspension, exceptional handling.. truly a drivers car. N on gc is 168 mm much better than others. Won't pose a prob at all. P.s - fiesta c diesel is better than its petrol counterpart
  2. @bala- I have been driving swift for last 4 yrs n trust me its ergonomics r poor. U never get comfortable . Most of them may not even notice it but, if ur talkin serious drivin u agree to my view. Mind you i20 is not better.. poor under thigh support n uneven accelerator n clutch pedal. Try Ford fiesta classic, its ergonomics r awesome.
  3. Which car in ford are you referring to? Figo and Fiesta has a GC of 168 which is one of the best in it's class. There is a reason why they can't randomly increase the GC as it affects the handling and ride quality badly. That's why sedan is much more to drive than a mid priced SUV.
  4. Let me tell you something, the gc of Scorpio is 180mm and the gc of sx4 zdi a/t or mt is 180 mm becos of the bigger alloys n broader tyres. So going for a suv just for gc is not worth it. Sx4 auto is around 11 lacs n u cud get a-star at for your wife for 4 lacs(used from maruti truvalue) , you could buy two cars for the price of a Scorpio or any suv a/t.
  5. @bala - wheelbase is one important parameter that enhances handling. Many miss it and assume its just a specification mentioned for no reason. All softer suspension are for city driving .e, Hyundai, stiff or hard suspension will help increasing the stability when you cruise at high speeds in the highways.
  6. Did u say 5 adults?? If yes, Vista is th only choice. Other cars are not so premium in comfort but drives much better then Vista. Every far has a disadvantage, we need to pick a car deliberately and live with it. So all your priorities can't be met. It will help if you can prioritize it.
  7. The all new Ford fiesta is a good car but bad pricing spoiled its party. It handles much better than verna
  8. @kalyan - I'm sure you're super confused now, the I20 is a premium hatch and comes with many fancy and useful features that swift doesn't have. Swift - Pro's: mileage, a$$, maintenance Cons's : boot, short gear throws( needs frequent gear shifts) door rattling, boring interiors, not premium by any chance, misses out on crucial features like telescopic steering and worst driver seat ergonomics. I have problems with the ergonomics and its never comfortable every in short trips. H I20 - asta : much better n good looking interiors, very smooth ride, no turbolag in 2011 models, better boot space than swift. Fancy features., power Cons: expensive, avg mileage. No steering rattling issues, imo it wasnt tht bad n the new versions are much better. Bottom line - if initial cost is not a problem, close ur eyes and go for I20. It's much more comfortable than swift anyday.
  9. Perfect recipe for disaster. Ford India should price it competitively otherwise they will lose the game to verna diesel, Honda city petrol