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  1. R2D2


    a fuel injected bullet is that possible ?
  2. i think you are being sexist by saying that the car is for girls.. what exactly is your defination of a girls car .. maybe i would term it as a soccermoms car sounds nicer ..!! NO ?
  3. are you not too old to be playing video games? FuelRunGod2007-08-26 10:52:03
  4. isnt mind-numbing and vein-popping a bad thing !!!!????
  5. now that is an idea loud pipe.....
  6. R2D2

    Hello everyone

    Rishad Cooper the one and only welcome to the forum...
  7. Clapped out RD and a pulsar 150 Rd i get what is with the 150 why not a 220 ?
  8. I read a story in one of autocars competitor magazines last year (Overdrive i think) about a race around the country seemed like lots of fun. I have always wanted to do something wild like that. can anyone tell me is this a regular feature and can anyone enter this race ? thank you all in advance
  9. P_One I would like to see what else you have in your garage other than an Enfield and a Karizma... seems you are a true bike nut
  10. I dont get this about the enfield it is an old tech bike that is riddled with problems ......... why spend money on a rattletrap like that .. I am not uptodate about bikes but it seems the pulsar and karisma are far better then the enfield..
  11. R2D2


    The RS ohhhhhh yes ...!!!!
  12. R2D2

    fav car chase

    The rock yea that was a good scene ..
  13. R2D2

    fav car chase

    seriously P_One I am not sure what movies you are watching but i am waiting for you to say that Dhoom had a killer chase in it next..