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  1. Hey there!

    Considering your usage, i would suggest you to get a Diesel car.

    Can you be more specific and tell us whether you want a SUV or sedan.

    If you are looking for a sedan, I would recommend you to wait for the launch of the Jaguar XE. It is being hugely appreciated by the automotive industry for its amazing styling, interior packaging, new ingenium diesel engine and dynamics.

    If you want to own a car which is already established, then look no further than the Merc C Class. It has won the International car of the year award. Enough peace of mind. :P

    If you want to buy an SUV (wise for Indian roads), then the ever capable BMW X3 3.0 xDrive (for 5 seats) would be the best option. If you want something unique then you can look at the Freelander 2/ Evoque.

    September 2015

    Land Rover Discover Sport launches with new engine ,wait for it if you can

    If looking for a SUV then do look at Range Rover Evouque.

    It has just been relaunched in it's locally assembled avatar starting at 49L.

    If looking at sedan then I will suggest Mercedes E Class.

    I agree with KarthickB if u can u should wait for the new XE it shows to be quite a promising product . As for ow the new e class and the bmw X3 are the leaders in their respective classes .

    I'd suggest you to wait for a few months as some exciting cars are on the verge of launching.

    And if you don't want to wait, then look no further than the C-Class. For SUV, BMW X3!

    I would suggest the C class for your budget. E class will cost you 60 lacs. Try out the BMW 3GT also.

    If you can wait, go for the Jaguar XE or the Land Rover Discovery Sport.( hoping it falls in this price range)

    Go for the c class

    Preferably would love a sedan.

    XE is slotted for Jan 2016, if i am not wrong, thats too far for now.

    I can wait max to max till August, on the outer side September.

    Drove the C200 - was amazing, falling in budget and dealer has a CBU unit up for grabs, looking at that.

    Evoque - Still is over the budget, dont know if i can stretch more.

    E250 - is almost coming in the budget, dont know if thats a better choice than C200.

    S60 R Design - loved the car, good features but no resale.

    BMW and Audi haven't seen.

  2. Guys,

    I am planning to buy a new car, changing the Koleos.

    Budget - 50 - 55 Lac. 55 is max, putting the extra five over 50 is also stretching it a bit too much.

    Looking for a sedan this time round. Self driven. About 1500kms a month. Once a month used on the highways.

    Looking for - Driving dynamics, Engine, Handling.

    Not shortlisted any as of now, but I am pretty interested in the New C class(both petrol and Diesel).

    What else can you'll suggest ?

  3. @harikkuttan

    thank mate. will go thorough the mag.


    Thats the reason i dint go for the TD also.


    Thanks for the comparasion link. Fiesta it is for me.

    Update on the TD and Showroom visit -

    Went to Planet Ford, Bibewadi, Pune today. Called in the morning was told a TD car is at the showroom as avaliable, no details asked and no info given.

    Went to showroom in the afternoon, there was just a car on display which looked amazing. TD car wasnt avaliable at the showroom and the sales person wasnt even shwoing any remorse of telling me its there. Anyway, neither did he know about the car. Was shown the servicing area and shit instead.

    In the mean while he sent me to another showroom of planet ford, a good 15 kms away to take a TD, where too the car wasnt avaliable.

    I somehow arranged a TD with a different dealer who also was least interested in selling the fiesta.

    Loved the car, handles well, engine is great, features even better.

    But should i trust them to give me proper service, seeing what they all did today ?

    how will the ASS be if the pre-sales pitch is more like "buy if you want, i give a damn"


    @sachins @Sstar

    Fiesta is my choice too.

  4. @librankur

    The TD was very good. The car was newish during the TD. was given a route and road of my choice, leaving for the fact that the Sales guy dint know car history, rest was perfect.

    and on the automatic front i dont argee. In todays world most of the new Auto' boxes as fast, leaving the DSG's and PDK's even most of the torque converters are good with the upshifts and downshifts. Not as much fun as manual but fast and responsive they are.

    On the Koleos's case, the torque converter is old, but is developed for a power based petrol engine, hence in the torque driven diesel it seems slow, power delievery is still good, just the shifts are a tad bit too slow, one wont be strnaded for power but will miss that prompt shift.

  5. Folks as promised the Ownership Review of the Koleos.

    March 5, 2013 -

    Took delivery of a Peral White Koleos. That time it had only one fully loaded model - Automatic AWD.

    Car details -

    • 2000cc, 150bhp@4000rpm
    • 320nm@2000rpm torque

    Details About the Buy -

    Was shifting from a Skoda Laura TDI AT(2011). My dad who was going to primary use the car wanted a urban SUV more for city use and vacation use off and on.

    History of the Car -

    Renault Koleos is a car developed by renault in collaboration with Samsung Motors in Korea. Its produced at the Samsung Renault facility in Korea and also sold as a Samsung Motors QM5. However, there are quality, equipment and standard differences between the QM5 and Koleos. It also draws engine and technical part influences from the tie up with Nissan and shares a lot with the X-trail and Quanshi.

    The original Indian model, i.e the one available prior to the 2014 facelift was a fully imported model as a CBU. Deriving its produced as a french bound car not the QM5 bound.

    Note -

    I was against the idea of buying and using the Koleos after the Skoda for obvious reason.

    Cost - After discounts and deals the car cost roughly 27 lakhs on road.

    After Spending a lot of time with the car, I actually started liking the car and it grew on me. Till date the car as clocked 17k KMS on the ODO and done trips to Goa and Mumbai numerous times.

    Coming the the advantages and disadvantages

    Advantages/Pro's -

    • Fully Loaded with all necessary features
    • Cleverly designed - Mature, solid and Classy looks
    • Rides a good wave of torque
    • Very good cruiser
    • Neat Sound system - BOSE powered
    • Fantastic Ride. Can give tough competition to the likes of a X5, Q7, Q5, ML
    • Handling - Its a master in this field, as good as a sedan.
    • Minimum Body Roll
    • Quality and Finish is great, not as flashy as people expect the stuff is solid and well come together
    • Comfortable seats and enough of Space
    • Easy going in and coming out. Ingress and Outgress is much better than the rest
    • AC is very effective
    • Steering weights up well and inspires confidence

    Disadvantages/Con's -

    • Gear box is awfully slow and outdated
    • Renault doesn't have the image of the 30 lakh car producer in India
    • Misses the aggressive looks( popular demand, I'm happy with the classy looks)
    • Some features such as hill decent control and electronic hand brake missing in the Indian version
    • No HID lamps, only Projectors

    Report -

    Right from the day i drove the car to this day, I say, the SUV lacks the punch. It doesn't have the engine or gear box to cut through speed, go vroom through, but thats how the car is made. Its a fantastic cruiser. It takes its times to reach 3 digit speeds but handles even higher 3 digits speeds conformably while cursing. I have personally cruised at speeds over 140km/h and the car has been fantastic. No straining, no rattle, no vibrations. Renault has made a very good cruiser which is meant to be driven with a light foot but a heavy foot. You of flat down and it will disappoint very being of the living, but you drive it as light with a tap and cruise it, it will amaze you. That is really good even in the city. It manages to be calm and not seem over powered in the city. It handles the road, turns and traffic.

    Handling in fantastic, its a beauty to put through corners and turns. You hardly make out its a big SUV, it seems as a small toy car, which has minimal body roll. Can put a lot of sedans to shame as well. Goa and Mumbai trips were amazing in this manner, the engine will cruise and the handling makes you be able to cruise constantly. The steering weights up well and inspires the desired confidence making it even more worth the drive.

    Ride is another strong point, bumps, potholes, speed breakers anything and the Koleos loves soaking it up. Nothing comes through. Without being shaky.

    ICE is amazing as well, bose system with USB and AUX.

    FE is good with the AWD on auto it gives about 11 in the city and 14 on the highway.

    Views -

    The car is not for the people for want to show the world, speed or have the macho look. Its for the people who understand a car and the way it works.

    I agree the gear box is slow and needs a change, the 2014 one has the extra torque to cover that up but it still needs to change. On the other side, its made in such a way that you ride the torque in a linear manner not power, so the gear shifts are adequate for the torque.

    I would only advice the people who really know what they are buying and who know what and how a car works to buy this. Its not for the masses, its for the passionate.

    As i see it, its not competition to the fortuner/santa fe, its a cheap rival of the q3, x1 and volvo.

    From the handling to the service and to the ride, its all on the mark. I do miss the punch and power at times, but that when i realise its not a DSG and a sedan its a 2 ton SUV which is at home cruising and building speed, not punching.

  6. Current own and drive - Renault Koleos(2013), Chevrolet Spark(2009), Hyundai i10 Auto(2010)

    Previously Owned - Fiat 1100, Tata Indica V2, Chevrolet Aveo 1.6, Honda CIty AT(2010), Skoda Laura TDI AT(2011).

    Booked a Linea T-jet and planning to change to koleos in the next three months.

  7. hey venkys,

    I agree with the RE. Its a class of its own.

    I would also suggest you see the KTM Duke. Its amazing. Torguey and powerful, comforatable and pushing.

    My duke has gone from pune to the south and back 4 times, still in fine condition.

    Yes, its a bit expensive on the pocket, a bit. like 10% more than the bajaj but its a option to the RE considering the waiting period.

  8. @sudipz

    Im eagerly looking forward to the new linea. The dealer in pune asked me come back on friday for a TD and details.


    I drove the new hyundai verna, they have really revised the suspension, but it still doesnt work for me. still not as enthu as the linea or the fiesta.


    Im going to be doing about 3000kms a month. daily usage wont be much, but almost every week will have a road travel log. I can wait up till april end not more, but as i said before im pretty cool with petrol too. expensive and fuel cost is not considered.

    I agree on the ASS and dealer thing of Skoda, but again im confused between the vento and linea.

    Im trying to stretch a bit, but wont be able to cross 12-12.5.

    Currently im waiting for the dealer of Fiat, and tomorrow im going to VW and Chevy.

    Any views on the Fiesta ?

  9. Hi people,

    Im planning to upgrade from a Spark(2009). My budget is around the 10 - 11 lakhs.

    Im looking at performance and handling.

    Going to be for personal use, mostly for me alone.

    I would prefer a sportly drive and dynamic handling more than ride and comfort.

    Any suggestions or advice ? I dont mind any fuel choice, P or D.

    I was waiting for the new fiat linea and the fiesta.

    I find both very good.

    what else can i look for ?