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  1. No way , Her Honda .It's not for youngers .How pulsar or Yamaha Frazer will be .My choice is Frazer .
  2. is this bike for fat boys...!!!! oops i am not fat..!!! so which bike is better for me to impress my girlfriend...!!!!!
  3. I was in Jeep Wrangler the other day. Interior was quiet nicer than what I remember about Mahindra interiors. If only Mahindra can improve interior quality of their Jeep, It can give the Jeep Wrangler a run for the money..
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  5. if the TVS will launch the slashers of these two motorbikes then TVS will rock go on....!!!!!!!!!
  6. Thanks, changed some thing, like examples of use of Musical Meter
  7. Hey guys, a friend wants to buy a 150 cc bike his main concerns are mileage(around 50 or more),power and smoothness of the bike he has a habit of turning the throttle at the sight of open road but not always so he prefers to rev the bike at times average riding speed would be 60-70 and higher if he gets a chance so can he expect decent mileage at that speed from these 2 bikes that he has short-listed the honda dazzler and the honda unicorn i heard a lot about the new dazzler is it really that good or do you suggest a different bike all together keeping power,speed,mileage and smoothness into mind(no hard feelings but no pulsars please)
  8. These Rajdoots are common in my area. Still lots of village guys use them If he is looking for any spare part, Let me know. I can get you some (Used ones though ) and some new ones too.
  9. Hi Guys, I am new here... My Old Honda City has a stiff front suspension and it is time to overhaul the same. My questions are 1. Does anyone know where I can get a Service Manual ? 2. Any recommendations of spare parts dealers in Mumbai, getting the spares from Honda Service Centre is not possible unless I give them the car to overhaul. I intend to do the overhaul myself if I get the time.
  10. I think you just go to the i20 workshop they defiantly help you and dont worry dear i20 is good car.
  11. Hi Guys, Am new around here, but found your review of the Polo - really useful! Have been planning a new car from around Oct 2011 and much like your list - finally came down to three options - Toyota Liva , VW Polo and Honda Jazz. Just when we brought it down to 2 - Honda Jazz and VW Polo - Honda has stopped bookings so we are down to just 1 - the VW Polo 1.2 Highline. My few negatives are the rear space and the music system. Am not a great music fan - but who will CDs around today!! Otherwise Polo is difficult not to fall in love with! You mentioned you got a USB music system from the dealer - what is it and did you have to pay an extra amount for it? Thats what the initial talk we had with the SA said. Can you get back as soon as possible - would really like to finish the car hunt and buying by this year end - the old trusted Maruti 800 is now like an ICU patient!
  12. It is the only honda car left which is due for it upgradation. It will be launched by august this year. Even the recently launched civic will be upgraded by the year end, a honda spokesman said in a press conference. They declared that they will upgrade their cars every year.
  13. The segment that the car will target is already crowded and in order stand out and achieve appreciable sales figures, it will have to taste like a new flavour for the buyers. The Focus is a bit pricy and will take on Skoda Laura, Honda Civic , Chevrolet Cruze , Volkswagen Jetta , Toyota Corolla Altis,and a few upcoming cars.
  14. So i purchased a 2010 VW Polo last July, and ever since, i've had to take it into the Service Department SIX times! - First it was a rattling noise from the engine bay caused by a fault with the fuel line - Then the driver side electric window got stuck so i couldn't close it - The EPC warning light kept coming on, so the engine had very little power and after taking it in to be looked at on 3 separate occasions, it turned out there was an issue with the turbo pressure - And finally, the other day, the steering wheel warning light came on, and the steering wheel locked up so i couldn't turn properly. Turns out there was an issue with the power steering. WHAT THE HELL??? My cars just over a year old, and i can't believe all the problems i've been experiencing! Car of the year? My frigging arse! I'm NEVER EVER buying another VW again. Can't believe what a piece of sh*t it is!!! I'll stick to Jap cars next time. They're more reliable!
  15. The current gen Linea is infinitely more classy and European. This looks more like a quirky Korean. More Hyundai than Fiat actually. However, replacing the MJD in India seems too distant to materialize given how much acceptance it has garnered amongst both manufacturers and buyers.
  16. Its not a valid link to your album bro...!!!!! it opens the main homepage of picasa google...!!! plz check it out...!!
  17. Please Hyundai, Bring this to India. It looks a lot muscular as compared to the current i10. Is it jst me or the face is looking similar to beat?
  18. All I could say is Wow. Lately many super car companies are launching their products in India. Guess they have understood the importance of Indian Subcontinent.
  19. No sooner the strike at the plant ends, another set of problems persist ! Hope that this thread doesn't intimidate the potential buyers. Interesting to know what fate has to say ! Will be glued on to this.
  20. This is indeed a great news. This is giving me more push to move towards Fiat as I am planning for a new Diesel car in another couple of months.
  21. Which car is the yellow 3 wheeler one? And also, the silver one with the reg plate ending in 369 is ariel atom?
  22. 13KMPL is quite decent. however, ritz is giving 15kmpl in city conditions. both kappa & 1200 K series is using the same technology.
  23. Definately Ford. Nissan started recently & having only 20 dealership in India.No clue on ASS.Also localization content is less in Micra so spare part cost will be more compared to Ford Figo. Figo engine is more refined than NIssan Micra.Figo Diesel EXI is good buy.IF require Safety features like ABS/EBD,Airbag & Bluetooth Audio,then think of Figo Titanium (Rs 6.2 lakhs approx.)
  24. Last time they had internet registration system for free passes. This time, its not yet announced what system would be used. Wanted to visit last time, and want to visit this time too.. But I face the same family BS talk this year too: "Beta, its too cold and dangerous. Don't go to see it, you'll see it on TV." Damn!