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  1. Hi, for me the Homda Civic is a really good car but and this is my op├Čnion (once a car crossed the 5 year line, thats when you start to notice its age and might end up spending quite a lot of money and valuavle time at the garage)... have you considered something a bit more recent? maybe a 2010-2011 model? Have a nice day, Ajay
  2. Hello fellow car maniacs, I recenty moved back to India after having lived in Europe and Canada, I have been trying to settle back in, gradually... get used again to the noise, the heat... and then the traffic but then going back to real spicy veg food makes up for almost everything haha, Anyway, I was thinking of importing a car, but am pleased to see now you have all the good foreign brands selling here in India. any ideas of good car sites where I can find good second hand cars that you guys could recommend? Thanks Best, Ajay Gupta.