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  1. yes I've started searching for Bolero or Gypsy instead. I'm looking only for 4 Wheel drive since i'll be using to drive in the rough roads.
  2. i can come to the maximum of 3.5 Lakhs as repair works has to be kept in mind and other documentations. thank you. keep me inform.
  3. there's a no harm if you could message me, if you find any. thanx
  4. yes m in delhi and my budget is around 3 lacs. scorpio/bolero/safari with 4WD should be just fine.
  5. m still searching. wish me luck. i'm looking for a bolero or safari - it has to be 4WD as its gonna be driven in the hills and rough roads. thanx guys.
  6. do you think the km driven is a little too much? i mean is 102000+ km still okay? how long do u think the engine would last. the clutch and everything seems to be fine. it is driven by a driver for a company.
  7. I'm in Delhi and looking for a Mahindra Scorpio. After a little search, i found one for about 3 lakhs. It is a Turbo 2.6 DX 2003 model. the things that surprises me is that the car doesn't have power window and no cladding! Is this alright? It has driven 102000 km already. Could you guys suggest anything? thank you.