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  1. Hi Ankur,

    I know my answer to you comes very late. But as no one had replied, I decided to put in my view on your issue.

    About your AS200 issue, I have observed it with many other pulsars, even the NS200. Happens due to the bolts fitted on the fibre. Easy fix would be to put a small thermocol or a sponge bit in the gap between the vibrating parts.



  2. My comment on this thread may be coming a bit late, but I hope it still helps.

    Considering stinting, any bike with a light body and with the design made looking into the center of gravity being at the right place, which is the most important, is good.

    Personally, Pulsar 200 is a great bike now for stunting, also is the KTM duke. Older generation Pulsars are okay but not that effective, considering the bulky composition. But people still do manage to pull off some good stunts on them.

    FZs are so much underpowered that you might end up destroying the clutch plate doing it.

  3. Skinny tyres definitely have a great role in making or breaking the looks of any bike. But remember, these are the tyres with the same size that are used for the Puslars too, but the tyres on Pulsars look bulky. Ever wondered why?

    This totally depends on the rim styling. Take the R15 V1 for example, many people mocked it for it's skinny tyre styling, but no one ever realized that it was one of the best road-gripping and corner-friendly tyres available. For any sport-styled bike, the lesser contact of the tyres on the road means more handling capabilities of the bike, which is in turn related to rider comfortability.

  4. Hi Amol,

    Choosing the right bike entirely depends on your riding style. If you are a cruiser/tourer, and can shell out around 10K more, then you can go for the Avenger 220.

    If you are a sport-bike freak, considering a Pulsar will be good. You can also look at other options like the Yamaha FZ-Fi V2 or the Honda CB Trigger which come at around the your budget.


  5. It was tough for me when the day arrived to let go of my Pulsar 180 which I owned for 3 and a half years. But the sorrow lasted only till I saw the Blue Avenger 220 at the Bajaj showroom.

    I too had confusions when it came to choosing the right bike which suited my riding style. 3 options hit my head. The Pulsar 200NS, KTM Duke 200 and the Avenger 220. I, being a tourer, and not much inclined towards speeding, instantly decided on the Avenger over the other 2.

    10 days later, I feel that I haven't made a wrong choice. The Avenger is a bean bag on wheels, more focussed on rider comfort and a decent cruising speed too, for me to go into new unexplored areas around me.

    I'll give a detailed review after I ride it extensively around for about a 1000 or 2000 kms, which won't take long I guess :P

  6. Yamaha isn't launching the R25 in India, instead It's coming up with R3.

    Design-wise, the Yamaha YZF-R3 is identical to the R25 and its impossible to spot any differences between the two, especially since both the bikes share the same panels, the same diamond type frame and even the dimensions. Styling is inspired by the Yamaha’s YZF-R series bikes featuring dual headlamps, a sharp narrow tail, stubby silencer, digital-analogue console, 10 spoke alloy wheels and other elements. The motorcycle is available in two color schemes, Race Blue combination of blue and white) and Midnight Black (black with red highlights).

    The difference exists in terms of the power unit with the Yamaha YZF-R3 getting a 321 cc, in-line, 4 stroke, two cylinder engine producing 41.4 bhp at 10,750 rpm and a peak torque of 29.6 Nm at 9,000 rpm which is around 6 bhp more power and 8 Nm more torque than the R25. This engine is mated to a 6 speed transmission which drives the rear wheel via a chain drive.


  7. I'm a Software Engineer by profession and a die-hard biker at heart. Not much of a stunter/racer as such, rather I love to cruise into new unexplored locations on my motorcycle.

    I have owned 3 bikes in my lifetime. The first being a Bajaj Discover 125 in 2006, which was replaced by Bajaj Pulsar 180 in 2011 and the latest substitution is the Bajaj Avenger 220.

    I hope to have a great time here and learn a lot from the senior members.



  8. There is some good news from Honda Siel Cars Ltd. The Honda City facelift launch, which was expected to take place in the month of January next year, is to our astonishment advanced to sometime in December. The update on the 2012 Honda City comes when the Honda Motors is facing a severe shortage of components due to the typhoon in Thailand. The new Honda City is likely to come loaded with ample cosmetic changes in the exteriors and the interiors of the car. However, the 1.5 L petrol engine will remain.

    The alterations in the new City are remarkable with a redesigned grille looking more pronounced than ever before and the headlamps appear more integrated into the grille. The deviation in the bumper design is also more noticeable, especially with the air duct sitting modestly, to change the look of the fascia to a large extent. Slight modifications are paralleled at the rear end of the car as well. The launch of the new Honda City comes at the right time, especially when the outgoing Honda City has garnered an apex sales in the month of September and October after auto major offered an exuberant cash discount of up to Rs 1 lakh in some cities.

    The new Honda City launch was slated to take place in the month of November initially, which has been postponed to 2012 January due to the natural calamities in Thailand. The Thailand unit supplies the under body parts and the transmissions for the Honda cars across the world. While the production of the Honda Brio and Honda Jazz is drastically hindered due to the component shortage, the Honda City face-lift launch seems to remain unruffled. However, the Japanese auto giant is harping on increased localisation of the new Honda City to overcome the situation. The production of units from Greater Noida facility of Honda India is reportedly slashed down.