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  1. "Ugly" is no word for a Ferrari. I'm not a die hard Ferrari fan but I must say that Ferrari designs are the result of years of experiments. They don't design cars just for the sake of it. Don't mind me Cyrus.
  2. Well you have paid for it and obviously you have the right to approach them and ask them to rectify it. And as "mumbaiindians" said "they will definitely solve it if you back it up with written e-mail marking senior guys".
  3. If it doesn't match up to the standards of the Access, at least it can be competitive against Activa and Dio. Anyway a good replacement for the Pleasure I think.
  4. Yes agreed, but who will take the initiative of going ahead and take some action against the cops?
  5. I like the bike, but the front end of the bike looks too gixxerish. Anyway nice move by TVS Motors. Hoping to see this design soon in India.
  6. Mostly they might be up for stock clearance.
  7. Congrats. Access is a very good choice, a scooter which has almost everything, power, good in FE. It's an all rounder i can say.
  8. Doing the things you have already listed will make the bike look cool. Being a discover owner myself, I would suggest you not to make any more cosmetic changes that will ruin the beautiful lines of the bike.
  9. anandblitz

    2012 Ninja

    The new Ninja looks even more cool with the graphics. I'm glad to see that the analogue speedo has been retained in the bike, which means no compromise in terms of quality is made.
  10. Wow, that looks like a completely overhauled version of the Modena. I just love it. Ferrari have been always spot on with their design.
  11. wow xDrive 30d is a steal at 47 lacs. and lots of additional features.
  12. Just one small run of that bus on the Indian roads and just imagine how many parts of it will fall off.
  13. If you are still waiting to buy a bike, I would suggest the Discover 125 DTSi. Its a great bike, zippy, and pretty low on maintenance.
  14. That's a cute car. Any idea about the price range? If the price is fair enough, it might interest many buyers.
  15. Wow, that one's a killer. I hope Honda continues this rather than coming up with something like the CBR250.
  16. I don't see any large difference between this one and the i20.
  17. I must say DC has done a very great job with the Amby, but will HM come up with such a design sometime soon?
  18. Woooooooooooow.....I'm a Porsche fan since last 15 years i guess. And 911 is a great car from the German manufacturer. @creativebala: I too wished our upcoming Amby would evolve into something like this, but I don't know why HM sticks to the old designs.
  19. Well TVS has recently unveiled a fully faired version in Indonesia. Looks so Gixxerish.
  20. Well I'm compelled to ask, Is Maruti really ready to take on the Jap tech?
  21. Oh that's really one hell of a ride. I love it. Got to see some more pics on the net, and I really love the black one too.
  22. In my view these accidents will continue to take place until people start respecting their vehicles and take driving more seriously.