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  1. Cool, this thread will help the experts get a better idea of what exactly you are looking for.
  2. That's a really great post. A lot of topics covered. A good guide for a learner.
  3. Ah, at last the LPG powered i10 comes out, cool. Great news for buyers who are sick of watching the petrol prices go up.
  4. just keep an eye on
  5. @anks: There's one coming up in Delhi now. Make sure you be there if you can.
  6. Well every new budding bike company has to start somewhere. My guess is that Mahindra just wants to give its 2 wheeler sector a big boost before it starts with its own innovations.
  7. Anyway petrol companies have been freed from govt. control in 2010, and they can increase/decrease the prices whenever they feel like. So introduction of more private companies won't be making much of a difference in the price.
  8. The new innova is expected to look more masculine with new crease lines on the bonnet and a fully revamped front part. The tail lamps are said to remain the same as the outgoing model. The steering wheel changes to a 4-spoke design. Bigger AC vents are expected. And not much change in the engine, with the same 2.5 litre CRD, however the company will slightly tweak the power and torque without compromising much on the fuel efficiency.
  9. Hahahahaha, nice one. But Chevys are sturdy vehicles, and if the price range is good, then people will definitely go for it.
  10. lol.....a cell phone thread in an Automobile forum
  11. The Mojo is a great design from the Italian market. People may not like it at the first glance, but let it enter the market, it will surely revolutionize Indian bike designs.
  12. The front grill reminds me of the Beat. A good design overall, and roomy interiors are a plus.
  13. Congrats on your victory, wish u continue to perform well in the future too.
  14. oops, how could i forget the
  15. The introduction of many powerful vehicles has led to an era where the machine has started to control the rider. Riders need to develop the intelligence and patience and learn to drive responsibly.
  16. Post deleted: SMS lingo/Slang language is strictly prohibited on the Board. BornFree2011-11-21 13:57:28
  17. Chevy Beat Diesel would be my preference. Very good in both looks and FE.
  18. Glad to hear Buddh International Circuit win the '2011 Motorsport Facility of the Year' award. A moment for India to cherish for a long long time.
  19. I own a Ford Ikon 1.6 2001 model myself. I would suggest you get it done from a good mechanic rather than going to the Authorised Dealer who would charge almost double what u pay the mechanic.
  20. Wow, I'm surprised no one voted for the Beat Diesel. It's also a good performer and very good in terms of FE.
  21. Go for the Wagon-R, It's better in every aspect as compared to the Estilo.
  22. My vote would go for the Discover 125 DTSi. It's known for its FE and also zippy in traffic, and especially very low maintenance costs.
  23. The Audi R8 Spyder and Aston Martin Rapide stole the show. My guess they were the best cars on display this year.
  24. That car will never be forgotten. One of the finest out of Ford's stable. A really sturdy vehicle, the reason why it was widely used as police cruisers.