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  1. Excuse me Mr.Crazy, the matter is not about applied physics and common sense.. The matter right now is about the hollowness in reality.. I think you are a Merc employee, who is trying to justify your product now.. Lets say you buy a Million dollar safe for your "safety" and then also it gets cracked up by a knife.. What will you say then?? Its a matter of applied fact and physics that it happened?? ha ha.. Bull sh*tt!! You buy anything for your safety and security, and if at the required moment, when you need it the most, it bluffs you, then its damn hurting, which is happening to us.. OK, i agree with you about the airbags part, but what about the thick steel body chasing and etc etc.. After seeing the car, it feels like it was made of some paper sheet which got torn off.. And even if you say about servicing and stuff then lemme tell you it was done just 2 days before the accident.. This freakin company charges 97000/- rs for each service.. m sure you are aware of it.. And now the point is not about money, the point is even after all this its barely of any use?? Then what the hell is this company aiming at?? Our lifes??
  2. Listen Mr. Crazy Doc, its ok for you to practically think it as a randon accident, but this was S Class.. you know how much it costs and promises that company makes at the time of selling.. lemme show you.. Read it till the end, and also.. So called safety I dont need to prove it to you, but the way you are saying is absurd.. Just mind your words.. This was a severe accident, no doubt, but if the car would have been strong enough to handle the jerk (which should have) then things would be much more different.. Its a crore rupees sh*t god damn it!! Just analyse now and then reply..
  3. Added you sir, n saw your comments on Mercedes Exposed page too..
  4. Thanks for your support Ansari ji, it really means a lot to all of us.. It is definitely an incident to be hyped enough to make people aware of it.. For this we did a "candle march" also in front of T & T Motors Jaipur.. People should always check the status of what they are buying, and also the truth behind the words of the salesperson.. We have lost it, but definitely we do not want any other family to lose their child.. In respect to the case, it is launched and already there.. check the link.. We hope to get justice..
  5. Dear Sir, thanks for writing... It is indeed a really depressing incident.. All the things were completely opposite of the situation.. MB people are still hiding their faces, not answering, not replying.. This is the most cruel company, with criminals in them.. I completely agree with you that all these companies compromise on quality when they enter in India market.. All coz of the poor system.. Consequences which we have to bear anyhow..
  7. Thank you brother.. I cant express how i felt reading your lines, my eyes became wet.. Thank you so much for writing.. It is true that my brother can never come back, but all this effort is to make sure that in future, if anyone leaves home, alone anywhere, he/she should be fully precautionary in terms of all the resources that they have. Also these car makers better take care of their duties, rather than making fake advertisements for their promotions. Before buying a car salesman calls u hundred times, but after such thing they dont pick up your calls.. Previously they come home searching for you, now they all are hiding from us.. "We are sorry for your loss, we will look into the matter ones the car comes in our garage", these are the lines of those bas***ds We will never forgive them, and hope the worst happens to them.. As a company, they have no right to play with anybody's emotions. Please i request all the forum members, if there is anything that i wrongly said i am sorry.. But right now its not about me, its about all of us.. we have to make sure that we are not fooled.. Just imagine if you get a 1 crore rupee car from your dad for your security, and in the end it turn out to be your life taker, what will happen to your family.. The same is happening with us right now.......
  8. This is Mercedes S Class we are talking about.. Just look at the so called tough Steel Body, which is supposed to survive after any calamity, this is what happened in real.. All the excuses, all the promises are fake.. Truth is not Not Acceptable..
  9. Well in that case sir, i think your destiny is the only measure of security..
  10. Exactly sir, this is what i am saying.. Small Cars like this also end up saving driver's life.. But cars with extra security and Price, end up resulting............ This is Baaad..
  11. @DD Thank you sir, this is precisely what happened. The place where there were airbags actually, it turned out to be the most destructive among all. @SB- alto Yes sir, that is true that the car was in speed above 100kmph, but i think think this is how you run on a highway. We went to the place where all this happened too, all the villagers were like, there was so much sound of brakes, that even people from far villages heard it and ran and came to help him. @ashikawa Thats the most unwanted truth right now. We dont want a peny, we can give them crores, if they are ready to recover our loss. Worst has already happen. All we want is they should realize their mistake, and take strict security measures, not like this what has already happen. We dont want any other family to lose their child. @sarabjeet yes there was a sunroof also, that was also broken.
  12. Yes sir that is true what you said.. But on this i would like to check you that our car used to go for regular service check, infact just two days before the accident, servicing of all the parts were done, which actually gave a billing amount of 1+ lakh.. Also i would like to mention here, that before a small accident also took place, then also 3 airbags from side came up.. that service costed us 7+ lakh rupees.. All from genuine T & T Motors Jaipur.. Now you tell me, why shouldn't we blame the company??
  13. Thanks for your support guys.. yes it is a really big loss for the whole family.. And it is not just about the airbags, the car is supposed to be Rock Solid, but if you see the link posted, it doesn't seem like a Mercedes S Class (of 90 lakhs), rather a small sedan which has a thin line of steel cover on its body thats it.. If this thing had to happen, then why should one take such cars?? We are spending crores on our safety and ultimately what we are receiving is this.. that our brother is found dead on driver's seat because car was not able to respond on that particular second.. On this Mercedes people say that we are sorry for your loss, ones we examine the car then we will tell you why this happened???????? This is ridiculous...
  14. Got it in year 2009.. and worst part was it came from service just two days before the accident..
  15. On 12.11.2011, our brother, Nirmal Saraf, was driving a Mercedes S-class (claimed to be one of the most safest cars of the world), from Jaipur to Agra alone during the day. At about 12 o