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  1. Ugly?????? how on earth can Ferrari make ugly cars. its not a crap company like TATA to make ugly cars. No offence, but UGLY is not the word one should choose to describe a maker like Ferrari. I think the "people" who called it ugly have absolutely no idea what kind of dedicaton and involvement the R&D guys at Ferrari put to make a Ferrari. Its the closest one can get to making a perfect car.....
  2. I hav a Bosch Aquatak 100 plus. It is good as long as it runs but once it gets any problems.... Boy!!!! forget about service and stuff. Hopeless service!!!! U can consider it as a "Use and Throw" kind-a-machine. I have had to face a lot of problem with bosch's service. . The water keeps mixing with the oil compartment. Major Major problem..... Can anyone please recommend me a good pressure washer with long life and good service in the price range of 6-7k.