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  1. I think it should be held at pragati Maidan New Delhi in the end of First week or begining of second week in Jan 2012Duster will be in the price band of Scorpio as far as A.S.S is concerned...definitely Renault needs to work a lot but they are improving day by day...and your city is not that I am sure there will be a Service center for sure. Okay,I informed it from a showroom of M&M that it will be launched here in LKO around Jan-Feb.SO,I'll wait for Renault's Duster & If it's good then I'll book it!
  2. Believe me I'm a class XIth student who currently drive an Activa with a legit Non-Gear license.I just learned driving a 4-wheeler(MARUTI 800) but my father does not allow me to drive it on roads as he's a person who does not do illegal things on the other hand my elder brother who is currently doing his Engg.has a permanent license but he doesn't knows how to drive a car! It's the other way round.
  3. Oh My Goodness this was a general post and all of you guys are really getting offensive,I'm not saying that ABS,EBD,ESP are not useful I'm just asking whether they are declining the road accidents and you guys took it in a wrong manner/way.I'm sorry for hurting your feelings,guys.Like Real Bad.
  4. BUDGET-: 10-11 L(including on-road prices) can stretch out to 12.5 to the max. KMS DRIVEN(MONTHLY)-Around 30-35or even 50-60 according to the needs. SUV preferred but MUV will be also OKAY,also Sedan(my category is vast,I'm sorry!) 5 passengers(at all times) Boot space importance not much to be considered about Usage by normal person i.e my father & sometimes by me City and will be used sometimes around once in 3 months to go to my village Safety-:MEDIUM Prime requirement-PASSENGER COMFORT(since it will be a family car),FE,AFTER SALE SERVICE SHOULD BE OKAY(but not like Skoda's) Favourite Manufacturers-:FIAT,MAHINDRA,TATA that's it These are the cars that I've shortlisted by surveying-: MAHINDRA XUV5OO--------->>FAVOURITE AMONGST THESE,I WANT TO GO FOR THIS ONE. TATA SAFARI DICOR MAHINDRA XYLO FIAT LINEA MAHINDRA SCORPIO etc THAT'S IT! THANKS IN ADVANCE!
  5. Haha,rightly pointed out sir! But,I think the safety measures are worth it and as rightly said by CEAT tyres that 'The Streets Are Filled With *****' let's hope that we get to see less of accidents in any sense whether it be our holy cows,Underage/Drunken driving etc. Drive Safe, Drive Hard!
  6. With the new trend of delivering all the safety measures like ABS,EBD,ESP etc.are accidents on the Indian roads actually decreasing? Let's hope so that these measures will save the lives of the people who spend their penny to get these features.What do you guys think? Is It really helping in declining road accidents?!
  7. Man this is amazing,FIAT-Italian beauty makers are really high and making such beautiful cars.Hoping to see this to be launched in India along with FIAT Bravo(a masterpiece for me atleast)!