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  1. Thanks dude, "ve spend around 15 k on the same
  2. Thanks for your Interest, please refer to the below link for more details.... Thanks and best regards, Zaheer Ameer
  3. Dear Friend, Please refer to the below link for more details Please let me know if still can't see the Pictures? thanks and regards Zaheer Amir
  4. Hello Members, I've recently joint this Forum. I am Vintage Bike lovers, I know there are many people fond of Vintage Collection inhere. Well, 6 months back brought a RD 175 cc, Model 1979. I purchased it for 4.5 grants, It was in a bad condition, rusted, haft wheels were in the mud. I move it from that place it was Stationary for about 6 years, as per the owners statement. I was restoring it for 4 months every single Spare Part, Paint Job.....and everything....needed Finally, after 6 months my RD 175cc was completed and Ready run the streets. I had very good experience restoring and riding RD 175 cc, It gives amazing feel hole Metal, no Fiber no Plastic all metal and perfect grip to the Road . I would say this ride is meant for Mountains and Off Road Riding experience , Indeed. Please refer the below link for more detail and pictures. My RD 175cc Ride On Thank you