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    Tommiereek reacted to dr_nishu in DATSUN starts showcasing GO hatchback in India   
    Datsun to display Go hatchback in 90 cities
    Buyers across India can now see, touch and feel of the yet-to-be launched Datsun Go.

    Since it was officially revealed in July, the general public has only seen Datsun’s Go hatchback only in pictures and online videos. Now, they will be able to see, touch and get a feel of the yet-to-be-launched Go hatchback. Datsun will be showcasing its Go in more than 90 cities across the country as a part of its pan-India road show. The ‘Datsun Go Roadshow’ will kick off on 14th December, 2014 in Mumbai, Chennai and New Delhi and will eventually spread across other major cities in India.

    The pan-India roadshow will help Datsun take the Go hatchback closer to its customer base before its launch, thereby generating interest among prospective buyers. And it will also help the carmaker gauge public response across cities and get feedback from prospective buyers.
    "Dream, Access and Trust constitute the three pillars of the Datsun brand and we wish to highlight each one of them by showcasing the all-new Go to our customers. The Go promises to fulfill the aspirations of the Indian car buyers with its attractive price proposition. We wish to become a household name in India and reaching out to our customers is the first step towards it," said Kenichiro Yomura, president of Nissan’s India operations.
    (Autocar India)