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  1. @ driftpunk Thanks for such a quick reply. I have already checked your thread, nice alloys you've got for your k10. But for HU, I want only single DIN, as Double DINs are expensive for the same kind of features. I want a good sounding system, with no expensive fancy stuff.
  2. Hii guys, Just got my alto k10 superior white, with help from this forum also. Thank you guys for your valuable suggestions. Now, for my darling, I want good sounding ICE. For now, my budget is 15k, stretchable to 20k, for HU and front 6.5" compos only. I plan to add an amp and rear coaxials (no sub) later. 1. Am I going in the right direction with this setup ? 2. Is it safe to install 6.5" compos on the door pad of an alto k10 ? 3. And will my initial setup with only front compos sound decent ? 4. For HU, I am considering alpine or kenwood. Any idea on their pricing ? 5. Suggestions for good 6.5 inchers. Checked with one shop today here in Coimbatore. Prices for compos quoted by him: Kicker ES65.2 - 6.5k, Auditor rip - 5k For HU's : alpine 103bt - 13k, alpine 125ebt - 12.5k, kenwood 549bt - 9k How's MTX brand. He showed me a pair of MTX RTC 693 6x9 rear speakers, they were for 5k. Please bear with so many questions. I don't want to go wrong with the music in my car. Help needed gurus.
  3. Your suggestion is actually very tempting. But you know that fiat A.S.S. This would be my first car and I don't know much abt the mechanical aspects of a car. I have driven only my father's car most of the times and that too when I wud go to my hometown from the college. And i've never got that car serviced myself. And by mechanical aspects I mean the things that one should know if he owns a 10 year old palio. If something goes wrong with the car then I would be an easy target for the mechanics or the service centre.
  4. Now an old car is no more an option for me. My dad is too wary of second hand cars. He wants me to buy a new one only. So, I've booked an alto k10 superior white color. But my mind is still saying to cancel the booking and get an old one instead. Comparing the purchase and resale price of of a new and an old alto k10, I would save around 20k if I go with an old one. But I guess, sometimes you have to listen to your parents. Now something related to the bookin of the car. Here in coimbatore, maruti dealers have made a pact or something, that no one will offer any additional discounts other than the maruti official offers. Now no more discounts from the dealer side. Not even on accessories. WTF !! Shall I complain to the competition commision
  5. Yeah you're right. Today even went to a Maruti True Value dealer, but they didn't have any k10 alto. Told me that they are in the process of completing the formalities and that they should get one in 2-3 days. wish I could contact the original owner before he approached them. And another one was available on internet sites but just when I called the owner, someone had already contacted him and he was just finishing the formalities of selling it to him.
  6. I think you are right. Going for a maruti hatch would be a wiser decision. I had almost booked a Ford Figo Tdci Titanium few days back. But then went to check Honda Brio. It has got an 88 bhp engine, better build quality and I was not too put off by that weird rear. And also read on some site that Fiesta hatch might also be launched soon in India. And that swift D has a much better engine than figo tdci. So I guess I shall wait for a few months for a new car. Till then, according to your advice I am now looking for a used alto k10 in the market. I know ABT maruti dealer here. So they might help me in getting an old alto. So much dilemma yaar College days were so much better.
  7. @AMG1, sorry buddy but no TATA for me. Sorry to add this before I am slightly inclined towards a hatch. As I am in a field job, I have to travel an avg of 40 km daily. And sometimes in crowded city areas. Sometimes I even think of going for an alto, but that driver in me does not allow that.
  8. Mileage is not a big problem as I get arnd Rs 10/km from my company for official tours. And my area includes Ooty also. So you know. That temptation of driving to Ooty and Kodaikanal is one factor that is in favour of Ikon 1.6. But I am scared that after 1 year I might not find any buyer for this car to sell off to. And if I have incur any major expense on some part...ohh that is scary
  9. Whats your Budget - Rs 1.00 lac to 2.00 lac Kms driven monthly - 1000 to 1200 kms Bodyshell - Hatch/ Sedan City/Highway split - 65:35 Max No.of Passangers - 1 with some of my office files and other things Boot space Importance - low to medium Usage by - enthusiast Ownership - City Safety - anything Prime requirement - Handling/FE/Braking/Looks/AfSS/Resale Softcorner'd Manufacturer - none Hello guys, I need an old second car for maximum one or 1 and 1/2 years. That's why I need good resale value. I checked out a Ford Ikon 1.6 ZXI 2000 model today. It has done 55k on the odo but condition looked good. Most of the times the owner preferred local mechanic rather than Ford ASS. He's quoting 1.9 lacs. There's another another Ikon 1.3 Flair 2005 model being offered. The owner is an auditor for Rajshri Ford here in Coimbatore. So he says that it has been serviced very well for all these years. It has also got rear parking sensors, alloy wheels etc. Odo - 75k . Price quote 2.15 lacs. I think that is too high. What do you guys think?? After reading so much abt expensive Ford ASS. I am so apprehensive abt Ikon. This is my first job. So I am being too cautious on my first big purchase. This would be just my temporary car, as I am planning to book swift vdi or I may wait for the new Fiesta hatchback. Any help would be highly appreciated.