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  1. Dude..u can get some at Landmark.but very limited said in the place is bangalore at MODELARTand they aint cheap....iam too a small collecter with jus 22 models collected in last 3-4 years....and parents...well difficult to manage their explaination of WASTEFUL EXPENCE
  2. you can check the recommended tyre pressure just as u open the drivers door on the B-pillar
  3. congrats dude...happy driving
  4. i would opt for the optra petrol..its a great car with good handling
  5. we have seen a couple of sorry tales on the skoda and how expensive it is to maintain..moreover for his drive a suv is a better chioce and safer bet than the sedans...
  6. Hey FRG! thats great news! just let us know the dates you gonna be here and we will be sure to meet you! Hey ppl' date=' send your confirmations, quick!!! hey dats a good too in b`lore for a day ..sometime next week tentitivly on any plans[/quote']
  7. hello...what happened mates...the steam seems to have lost...what about chennai seem to say that no one in this forum from CHENNAI....lets meet up once and am sure it would continue ahead( i think once again we are stuck up for a start)
  8. FE depends on not just tank fills.....there are a lot of other factors as FRG pointed out the tyre pressures/driving style(heavy clutched driving/hard breaking)tank fills to be done only if the engine is cold(should maintain this method at every fill)..may be you can get the filters cleaned....
  9. hi Ashwanth.welcome to the forum.....hope u have a nice time in the forum....
  10. captiva is my choice of suv given its diesel engine,looks,interiors....but @SATYAM,it would be prudent if go in for a locally made suv since you get proper services and also a lot economical to run. resale is better , spares easily available....happy choosing
  11. the crv is one of the best vehicles u have at present,but its a little of too much of those...consider the captiva(interiors,looks and drive)or the endavour(rugged looks,new engine)....happy choosing
  12. i would advise you to go in for the new generation model...rather than a model thats about to be your budget you can choose the aveo(base)which is a good car to drive with a decent mileage..and if you can wait for the swift sedan its better(but might take 3 months to launch) for the accent its good but high on the maintaince front..happy choosing
  13. the aveo is definitely a better car to drive(plush & quality interiors....better than fiesta.)and with recent changes to the gear box ratios(old cars had a very dead change feel)is smoother for the average it shoulb be between 11-13kpl in city.also you get good maintainence offers from gm on all models(no tension on maintainence costs)and bargain hard you can get a few thousands off the price..happy choosing
  14. also send in a copy of your letter to the AUTOCARINDIA sure they can take up your case directly to could well be the misadventure of the dealer too since they tend to pass on faulty vehicles first (may be on transits..drivers driving rash..a common phenomina..)than service them..hope your problem is sorted out. do keep us informed on the response you get from the company
  15. for your driving definitely the diesel car...well for starters consider a rugged vehicle since your driving is high.....luxary cars wont be able to take too much brunt and would prove to be a big damper on your pocket. look at the suv`s....the Endavour is good(after the change in engine and fresh model)well in your budget this is the best pick....