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    hi sure you have a great time in this forum..
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    Cars 4 cops

    heard the latest to join is the 500 nos Scorpio for the police(well sorry to disappoint..its for the Egypy police)
  3. well harry,in a way you are right but this happened only recently (atmost 2 years) and what i was talking is the larger population as a may find few guys wearing the Sb but again in a count of 10 it would be 3-4.its only now with the rule that you could find people more for linking the literacy rate am sure that guys who own carsare atleast a little educated or were educated even before but refused to wear SB. my whole point is to highlight the importence of safety as a whole and educate those who think they are better off by not wearing my experience and even now i see most of them not wearing SB cause it still is not compulsory.
  4. its a very good idea( to give an example-Rail fans across the country have a dedicated and it contains pictures,videos and comments ..well about our locomotives,afterall they too are powerful-4000bhp on avg)this idea is great..well iam from chennai and guys from this part of the world could get along...i suggest a date of 10 feb(its a sunday)or if others could
  5. well the suzuki vitara,and among the to be launched its the=Hyundai sante fe,Mitsubshi outlander(should be <20lac),new accord,VW-jetta.....if you are a sedan man then the Accord(new) or if you a SUV guy then the Captiva/CRV or the outlander if you can wait for 5 months
  6. its true that the number plate stuff was a very good thing to happen but with a was a big scam and all that the polotical class tried to do was nmake some money as usual,,last heard was that the vendor was in a monopoly situation and no competitiors...for the supply
  7. well for all the bookworm guys and with an automobile as the subject line its the -WORLDS GRATEST SALESMAN,by JOE GIRARD...its one of the best books i`ve read and shows the journey of a auto sales executive inthe US working for a chevy dealership,how he gets along doing his biz and winning customers.its a great read and a must recommend to all
  8. i feel the mitsubshi evo-IX is a better bet...its four door,costs less than the other guys and it looks great with a hell of an engine...for once even clarkson had agreed in one of the shows...
  9. even after the fiasco the company never tried to redeem its lost the time there were huge cancellations and the company was not able to cope with the huge repayments and delays caused more injury to the existing prooblems...i think the company was never serious about our market and even now they seem to have no plans to come here...
  10. electric vehicles for sure are good.....but hope they come with some good looking models a s well..the REVA is a bold step taken by the indian company, but its priced too high( i know they talk about technology and all that)but its not inducing buyers to buy ...
  11. the airconditioner ofcourse...ok on a serious note the caty and the fuel injection( agree with u rssh)
  12. i think maruti is so engrossed in the saloons and small cars it has completely forgot that they had something called a gypsy(a great suv) and the jimmy looks good( right dimensions for a city ride)and hope that someday they launch it here also...any one in maruti listning to us....HELLOOOOOO
  13. among the saloons it was the corsa for sure and higher up....the opel vectra(5-6kmpl)and among the suv`s...heard that the crv and even the chevy forrester were bad
  14. one reason for heavy vehicles driving such are that there are no enforcements by the law can find officials only at checkpoints waiting to collect their MAMOOLS on time and leave the drivers on their own(no catching any rash drivers/offenders/rule breakers etc)..its all about the money honey is the mantra that our babus know.hense we are left at the mercy of mercyless rash drivers.
  15. its the mitsubshi outlander that i meant
  16. well actually the company`s planning to launch the suv as soon as August-08 and would be priced below 20lac(17-19lac) for the other cars mentioned none of those companies are planning to bring them here,
  17. man nothing beats the Innova...on a recent trip to tirupati from chennai during the rains...d vehicle had great balance and with 6+1 passengers the ride was amazing on the broken roads and we actually dint realise that we had ompleted the journey without much bumps felt....
  18. thankfully in chennai you hardly find anyone using this horn(except a rare breed...very few)...i too had it on my secondhand car and removed it the next day
  19. its only when experiences some incident that they feel that ...oh god why didnt i wear the SB or the helmet....but by then its too late,so why not adopt this as a regular feature in your wiythout your keys u cant start your vehicle and so without these (SB or helmet) you cant travel..
  20. i agree harneet....captiva is a generation ahead of the captive(ok they have priced it a bit too high,but the quality and the engine is better than the tuscon) and for numbers manages only 3 tuscon`s a month(pan india,not for a single city).also the reason why santa fe is being replaced for the touscon...
  21. and many thnx for the pics anjan c2007
  22. for a change the butt looks very cuteand the color really attracts your attention.....looks very balanced and hope they done with the interiors too....
  23. looks very small for the segment(swift/getz/fabia)...welll they cant price it below the 5lac range(for sure) and may be we will have to wait till end of next yr....well both the japanese companies are unable to decide what car they want to sell us(compact range)since they have been focussing only on the luxary are they gonna miss the bus in this segment.....only time would tell,for people wont deffer their buy by a year or so....
  24. german cars are the terms of safety,engineering and built,BUT we all prefer mileage(kya hai)over anything else....and so the japenese win all the way