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  1. hey can u also share the pics of the sedan...and thnx for the info
  2. anandch

    TaTa Ace 1 T

    thnx for the pic...but the quality looks very cheap...may b for the rural market
  3. anandch

    Ikon vs City

    the city beats the ikon in almost all aspects(except the price)...moreover the production of ikon is almost nill and the city is like light years ahead....
  4. a second hand optra would be the best choice...a 2005-06 model would come to u at around 5lac and u get a top notch quality,amazing ride comfort,but expect a mileage of around8-9 in city go to areputed dealer and check for service history...
  5. am sure they gonna make some changes in the interiors...and service issues have to be sorted(that was the main reason for their bad show)
  6. looks good...but the front has some amount of overhang compared to the back...lamps look futuristic
  7. between the the accord the best....quality,reliability....engine,its like a hot knife cutting through a butter....well dude...take ur pick...happy choosing
  8. anandch

    city bus!

    in chennai its more of Ashok leylands....they have come out with some new busses(body built by locals...only chasis provided by company) we have around 15 transmission/rear camera/digi scrollers(similar to b`lore) but pls note they are more of(dare)devils on road...intimidating other such word in their dictionary)..yeh but the services are good....
  9. i agree with both u guys the tata sumo looks really good, tata's is doin a good job well may be tata`s would win all the awards at the next yrs auto mini/best suv/best development(all models)/sub-compact dsg...i think ACI will have to incresae their categories thnx to tata
  10. for the people from bangalore u have MODEL ART an exclusive model collx shop at the garuda mall......
  11. hey guys some gud news form the mitsubshi stable as well.......they planning to launch the outlander by second half of this year...price expected around 16-18lac
  12. anandch

    Cars 4 cops

    yeh in chennai we have a combo of accents(100nos-grade of ACP and above) boleros,commanders...and for the2 wheeler..TVS as usual..wel may be cause they are a local company
  13. anandch

    Cars 4 cops

    dats a good comparison....but dude for our conditions think theses are d best...use them for a milleniumand reservice them to use for the next.......
  14. looks great...may be we could find some of our auto co`s displaying their cars in this fashion(yeh jus a dream)
  15. one sees most of the bikers(taking a common view) zip past vehicles,betwen vehicles and cutting most road users like they on a race for a championship...if only they would like to compete with valentino..atleast he does it on the race track...big cities is a bad situation and hope the same not in small towns...any idea how`s d situation in small cities
  16. also heard the u need to carry a fuel bunk along...mileage is a great 4.5kpl
  17. many metros have declared wearing seat belts(SB) and helmets compulsory...good,but why impose a rule.are we not bothered about our own life that we need to be forced to protect our own ..i have been driving for past 11yrs and from day 1 i have been wearing friends use to laughh at me and taunt me when they used to see me( was driving a 800...) but slowly they have realised and now everone of them wears the SB..thank god some mind prevailed...but u see most of the drivers on the roads they dont..may be they waiting for some incident to happen... i would through this forum request and urge all members to promulgate the importance of wearing SB to all the people they know.....happy and a safe driving
  18. and compared to the scorpio its more stylish and young and would attract the right crowd..hope the quality of materials used is gud this time around....competition wake up.....else
  19. atleast some one has the vision and knows how to fulfill them for the country`s pride..and mallaya is definitely on top...sad no one wanna reach that high.....
  20. may be she would strip down the car and a to use the nano for farming
  21. at the same time very difficullt to get them ...atleast in chennai...i go to b`lore to buy them and its like 1-2 models every month....not cheap u see and moreover as u said The VTEC guy ..they aint cheap...and ur family think its a wasteful expense...difficult to manage them...
  22. one can expect top notch quyality from them but its at a huge premium...may be after 5-6 months one may see a few lacs(1-1.5)given as a usual
  23. for our roads may be the humvee........trucks and busses beware