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  1. hi...welcome to the forum...hope u have a great time as we car enthus have been having...
  2. hey wat about sure its gonna make up to the iteneary......come on ...
  3. looks like u gonna buy a new (small)car everytime u visit the doc....oops imean the workshop..well the chor bazzar is definitely the only best option available,and anyways quality does not matter for a mirror
  4. lamby would be it......its cool,sexy,georgous...
  5. already with the economy in doledrums and auto companies in seems that the americans cant swallow an developing country comming out with a true winner.the worlds largest polluter is taking this route is just bucking in ts own deeds.pollution is jus a misnomer and trying to deveate from the actual success the car gonna make it,while the french and the european have acknowledged the efforts.i believe we dont need american approval for our products to be successful.indians and indian companies are truly world class and tata`s have proved that they also have the best social accountability towards the society and the public...
  6. maruti is known to continue models even beyond their age..and when you have a best seller why change the baby...let it continue and once the baby becomes too old you decide to come with anew one.but with stiff competition who knows even the leader is forced to change
  7. think the sumo too will sport the same dicor 2.2l engine...
  8. welcome to the forun buddy.....its great to see someone sharing a similar passion as i do of scale model collection.iam more into cars and have a small collection of scale cars....22 of them.trying to add more.
  9. great pics adi1991...thank for sharing .the Landrover definitely looks cool and who knows we may even find the car make an indian debut in the future(thanks to the buy out) and use the concept for other production cars by the company...
  10. the i10 looks cheeky and is less wider than the swift( the only drawback i find) cause the width does not justify the interior space.also the i10 is less expensive and for the price of the top end varient you get a second varient of the test drive see what suits your drive and your pocket,u dont invest too often on a car afterall....happy choosing
  11. for one...the design looks absolutely sexy(finally tata has come out with bold looks)..and the pricing is the icing on the cake.the pic look great and the styling is cool.for once the sumo does not look like just a square box cut in a car format.the C_Pillar looks a land rover like(looks tata`s have already taken cues from their new baby)...scorpio better watch out
  12. thats why i think WB is still in the medival ages in terms of development and the nandigram and the singur issues have rightly pointed out the path in which investors have resisted.....hope tata`s get some due for their efforts and once the factory is put up,jobs would come automatically.And as usual our great political parties take mileage out of some issue(whether gud for people or not).
  13. As per a news paper article mamta banerjee has demended the tatas to donate 10lac nanos in return of the land being given(gifted as per her statement)to them....its so absurd that the vision of our so called politicians is shortsighted..instead of appreiating mr tata for the wonderful vision and grits and keep up of promise (he made 4 yrs back)we have them demanding is she justified...come on guys need your feedback.
  14. once again a great launch for the gm...but what about the pricing..its a tad too expensive(i think )at 18lac ex showroom they could have brought it down to maybe from have always faulted on the price front(previous is the 45k price reduction in the spark,the optra,vectra-almost a lac then,also the forester)..seems gm learns the lession the hard way
  15. they gonna replace the tucson and in the leagues of the CRVs and the vitaras..hense definitely above the 15lac mark....
  16. anandch

    TaTa Ace 1 T

    looks like its gonna be the year of the TATA` looks grt in the metalic paint.any idea wen its gonna be on the roads
  17. from the C-PILLAR it looks like the jaguar s-type...well the new one looks more stylish...
  18. the color looks stunning.....and also only cosmetic changes....however its already the best selling,why bring anything new now??
  19. detroit has for long been basking in the glory as the world no.1 manufacturing place..however they have not changed despite competition looming behind their backs and now to the forefront....they were under the impression that AMERICANS wont accept JAPANESE and they have been proved wrong. well it looks like detroit will have to come with another MODEL-T(india already has it in form of NANO)
  20. heard that cielo`s were offered free!!!!!yeh u buy 2 get 1 free......such were the marketing done by the company during the last days.....but it had a gud ride and was with loads of leg room.
  21. a very happy and a wonderful year ahead to all the forum members and the ACI family....may the year ahead be the year of small hatches...have fun..happy motoring
  22. since fabia is a new machine in the block,it would be prudent to wait for some time to see how they perform in indan wait for owner feedbacks and then go on to purchase,since any problems that may arise would be in the first lot(hopefully not).
  23. but guys.....are these lamps legal to be used in our roads......