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    Yeh Mera India

    south for sure is better and if you take out the autos and the local buses(in chennai)it would be a great place to enjoy driving...also compared to bangalore motorist in chennai have better discipline for the signals(nothing personal guys)
  2. its gonna be a great time for the suv buyers (13-20lac)
  3. well if ur looking a hatch for 4 pasengers then swift is the one to go else go gor the wait till the auto expo...couple of launches on the anvil...also the possibility of the palio diesel....
  4. anandch

    Skoda Fabia

    hope they price the baby competitively...else would be left as a desirable piece only
  5. dude looks very expensive .....a 6 yr old C for 14lac...rather go in for a new car and if diesel is what u looking at then the Optra MAgnum is a better are the owner and you also get a new car...but if you inclined between the two go for the sonata cause its a new car /6months old(not 6 yrs)and you would enjoy the warrenty for the remaining period...
  6. also heard that there is a lot of plastics used in the car...any idea about this guys.....
  7. its the taxes thats pulling the sold in india are generally 90-120% expensive than their foreign counterparts....also the Maruti 800 costing 2.2lacs would actually be costing only 1.5-1.6lac(everything else is the taxes levied in different names)
  8. you said it right..i advise my friends to wait for some time before buying a new vehicle...its only in these times that actual problems may creep up(machinery after all)...even Gm had done the same recalling but in a secret way for its OPTRA cars after its launch...
  9. well for once the 1 lac car would be crash worthy since if its a euro iv complaint then tata`s would make it crash worthy(guess)also for a common man if he gets a car at the price of a bike it would be the best buy for his family(not all can afford a car)..i think the foresight of Mr Ratan Tata for this project is to be appreciated since only after this that Carlos ghosn of the renault fame decided to come out with a 3000$ car(pact with Bajaj).i feel tata`s have opened up a sea of opportunuties for the car buyers with value proposition in mind....hope he suceeds in the same...well he proved his critics wrong with the INDICA(it was written as worst planning by major consultants and even said that it would drive the company to debt)
  10. hi, with a sporty car u have driven the next option is definitely the cedia...good car with decent value and drive on the upsides....even the optra is a great car with class interiors and the driving is ultimate..gud fore the highway drive and great sure optra would be your prefered choice ....happy choosing.
  11. great pics vishnu..thnx for sharing...for one fiat has a grt model and amazing interior and finish looks impeckible.hope they follow it in india too and not shortcharge us....
  12. anandch

    Yeh Mera India

    it happens only in india.....every one are in a hurry and want to reach first as if there is a prize waiting at the should feel extremly happy if he reaches safely from point 1 to destination....
  13. of the 15 i would narrow the list to :Chevrolet Aveo U-VA Optra Magnum Diesel Ford Fiesta Diesel Honda City Hyundai Getz Diesel Hyundai Verna Diesel Mahindra-Renault Logan Diesel Mahindra Scorpio Maruti Swift Petrol/Diesel Tata Indica Diesel/Tata Indigo/Marina Diesel reasons for not choosing: Fusion-expensive and interiors bland/mileage?? Versa -cant think of any positive Skoda Octavia+Skoda Laura -u said it..its expensive,out of budget for most if not for the maximum crowd. amonh all the above i would choose....but wait what about the SX4,
  14. hi J welcome to the forum..gud to see enthusiasts like you taking time to share your experiences..hope to hear of some good memorable moments u spent on the road....
  15. its the other way round...three pointed star belongs to the daimler group.but no such articles or write ups heard on the rights( in chennai papers)
  16. condolences to his family and loved ones...
  17. also the-fiat estilo/getz prime/sonataembera/swift diesel. also wasnt the superb launched 2+ yrs back....wat abt the BMW 3 &5 series...anandch2007-12-24 19:10:31
  18. the aveo would give a better mileage but is smaller than the cedia....cedia on the other hand has more leg room,better drive,more expensive.aveo would be somewhere around 7.40lac for the top line and the cedia ( as u said) 8.5lacs.decide taking into acount ur usability/praticality/family choice...
  19. BETTER LATE THAN NEVER......atleast now people have realised that the logan is expensive for what you get.....bad quality interiors,dull finish,and moreover the low cost is actuall high priced product....our market is one where the desire of a good product at a optimum price is a winner-see the esteem/accent/indigo(definitely better then the logan and at 1-1.5lac cheaper.may be it as just the hype that led to the sales and people eventually realising what the actual product is
  20. thnx anjan for the you rightly pointed out HMIL plans for the diesel and the new petrol would heat up the market and bring in more quality in the delivery proces for new car launches.also car companies take us for granted when they lauch a new example is when the tavera was launched....huge waiting list (led to cancellations)...also hundai is one company that heats up with new launches and good products....hope they continue to do taking our tastes in mind(well cant say for the elantra/sonata/terracan)
  21. well apart from the above also try avoiding cars that have done >55-65000kms since they tend to come up with new problens every week-end.moreaver the spares might become a problem too(examples are-astra/uno)..spend as much time with the car checking and and dont hesitate to ask as many questions on the cars as possible..investment gonna be a 1 time affair for the next few years