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  1. it looks good...but for might as well end up parked in the garage only..but the humvee -man its the right machine for us
  2. both the cars are not doing well in the sales graph...may be the interiors feel narrow,plasticky and overpriced..also its not got the space inside compared to the old and good santro/new i10/or for that matter the indica too(got the best space of the lot)...also as you pointed out high powered engine would not suit the body of the car.....
  3. my esteem(7months )gives 10km in city maruti 800-gives=14km both with ac in city criving
  4. i guess the answer is there above..any one with better reasons..pls share...
  5. anandch

    Optra Magnum

    the smoking part i guess should not happen if u do the regular service,use fuel from a reputed fuel station....and well how you drive too....the cars output totally depends on the input you give...if u take care of it it will take care of u 2
  6. if you are looking for quality then verna is the one for you,however incase you can compromise on looks and interiors then either the logan or the tata indigo...happy choosing
  7. hey dats was something man...absolutely fun....ok now even i own an evo8 and believe me its jus great looking in the blood red color.......ok cool before you think something its jus a scale model(1:18)but its still great looking ....
  8. anandch

    Optra Magnum

    the best midsize saloon available....amazing engine,great quality and super service back up along with discounts for the year end(upto 60k-atleast in chennai...includes insurance,service warrenty)no othercar can match the quality the optra offers and the ride is just like u slice a knife through a butter...dont think for any other ...its the right choice for u
  9. hi priya, thnx and wish u and all the other members a merry christmas
  10. if you are open to options then do have a look at the chevy-UVA...its very spacious,decent mileage,good service (maintainence free deals)and more over decent discounts as well.though the chevy is not a desired brand out here but its got quality that no car can compare and also recently the have come out with some great service harm checking out......happy choosing
  11. anandch

    Tyre Guide

    you guys have said it all...tyres are the most important tool in driving yet ignored...people spend thousands in upgrading their interiors/paint/systems but show complete dis interest on tyres.the 1 rupee coin marking is the best and the easiest guide yet most of the people driving would show ignorence.well thats INDIA...CHALTA HAI attitude works
  12. hey cyrus great to see another fanatic for these master pieces....thought i was the only one(considered a wasteful expense at home)...i have a small collx of 21 cars and would like to have the whole lot ( read-all running models in the world) hows ur collx
  13. zen is a better car and would offer u the peace of mind....good mileage, fun to drive and easy to maintain.on the other hand spares of santro is expensive but the seating,drive and interiors feel better than the zen....happy choosing
  14. may be it means ......DONT MESS WITH ME AND OVERTAKE ME..ELSE.....u know what i mean
  15. lets hope fiat is able to change their fortunes and for good.....
  16. safety takes the back seat and the consumers have to buy the top varient to feel secure.why dont car companies have the ABS,AIR BAGSetc as an option even for the base varient.atleast people who would like to feel safe for them and their family can choose these options rather than go for a top end variend though it may not be liked by many.this way companies are only forcing us to buy at a high price.when will we get the chance to choose safety among other things.why is it that we are to pay a premium pricing for our lives........
  17. thanx anjan for sharins the lovely details of the 2 cities.far a person down south it gives a clear picture of what one needs to expect fron the roads out there....
  18. gypsy would be the best pick...its cheap,easy to maintain and you can drive it without worrying for bills,but do check if the spares are still available......
  19. basically all luxary cars bear the brunt of high depreciation..may be the price one pays for buying them.
  20. anandch

    Logan Drivathon

    all the driveathons are just marketing tools for the manufactures.....ask the real guy.......the one who uses the car daily on a sto-go traffic situation and the story`s very different. not one driver of a car would even get a 40-50% of whats claimed