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    Hi, its really annoying to see a company like bme who is trying to lay their hands in the indian market would treat you like could for once writr to all the leading dailies so that people all around could know the reality and then as suggested in this forum take then to the consumer court....wel rreally feel sorry for the experience you had...
  2. hey,as long as u got your money back its great since its difficult to take out money from any dealer once given.also hope u and i have a good lesson to learn from the episode.....never leave without ur receipt
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    hi there

    Thank u sure 2 have good support and lot of info available out here
  4. hi, apart from the recommndations given which i agree to an extent but for space considerations also have a look at the AVEO-UVA since its larger than the 2 and the quality is good and as far as the engine goes is almost neck 2 neck to the swift. also gm is having a good maintainence free offers with 3 yrs warrenty and their vehicles seldom require the garage look into all the cars b4 you make up your mind as its gonn be a big investment.till the hapy motoring anand c
  5. Hi, What you say is absolutely true since manufacturers have entered this biz only due to hefty margins available and use their goodwill to invite buyers.Apart from the suggestion given for the carwale site yo ucould definitely try out the used car sellers to get an appropriate quote and get a fair value for your car. i know most people fret the name of these dealers but believe me they are the guys in the market and evenn the showroom guys actually deal with them from behind(else how would you expect these new showroom guys to put in large sums of money required to buy your car and stock them for days-you see its the inventory cost for them). get your quote from a couple of sources and then sell your car. ideally word of mouth through your network would also work wonders and may be you get a better deal.all the best to you.
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    hi there

    Hi friends, iam anand c from chennai and have been an avid car enthusiast since time immortal....wel i have been reading hormaz`s articles since his days with auto india which i feel had the quality in those years..and now with his own new awtar(well 6 yrs young). i have always wanted to be associated with the auto industry but to my dismay or bad choice iam an commerce grad with absolutely no place in any auto companies.any ways i love cars and have driven many good cars but not liked by many(like opel vectra-1 car with a tank like feelingand some amazing features ,the forester-great off road capability,the gypsy...and the list is long).hope iam able to share and also get some valuable inputs from u hapy motoring