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  1. TVS Scooty Pep+ Bearing Change..

    I think no one know about it..LOL
  2. TVS Scooty Pep+ Bearing Change..

    Hello all! I own a TVS Scooty pep+ 2007 model.It has crossed 8500 km.Just came across the rattling noise from engine.When I consulted the mechanic he said that may be engine bearing is failed.He adviced that check by replacing engine oil.I also did it but no change.Still the noise comes. So what will be the main cause behind bearing failure? What will be the cost of repair? How to prevent such incidences in future?
  3. honda dio

    Don't prefer TVS.coz the life of engine is short.I own wego & scooty pep+. Scooty pep+ just lost engine bearing after proper care & regular oil change. The average given is not that much good.The showroom people told me that scooty pep+ will give you 60 if you ride gently. But I got merely 40. Instead prefer Yamaha or Honda or Hero.As Hero & Honda have same engine (somewhat) & claim the same average. "60".
  4. TVS Wego Stalls while in motion

    Yes.I want to share my experience. Once I have entered in a service centre in our city anyhow. I saw that a mechanic just opened a silencer assembly of Apache.That mechanic went for some other work.Another mechanic near that assembly spitted in that silencer.When the mechanic who opened that silencer came & blindly reassembled the silencer & refitted it.
  5. TVS Wego Stalls while in motion

    Servicing your scooter is just easy. Please go through the owners manual,follow the steps given to clean air filter etc.May be carburettor (especially fuel nozzles) may be clogged. Check for bleed jet screw also.Get it adjusted properly.