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  1. Thanks For the info. Meanwhile I have a info to share with you. One of my friend suggested it. There is a product avaiable in market which is more like a glue in a plastic plate. Rats will get stuck in the glue when it enters the plate. The advantage of it over poison is that we need not fear that, after eating posion, rat will die out in some inaccessble part of the car. This product costs less than 100 INR in market. I have caught a rat in using that and the rat is now resting (permanently) under soil.
  2. Hi all, Last week i found out that sad fact - rats started roaming inside my car. It is a very distressful moment. Whenever i turn on the fan of ac, bad smell comes out of the ac vent for sometime. So i think rats got into there also. So i have decided to get the car to the A.S.S and get the ac duct cleaned up and have a check up for the car. But there are some fruit shops near my house (the shop owner also ). And so i think rats may continue their attack on my car. My doubt is how to prevent the rats from entering further into my car. I have found out that there is a product - Ultrasonic rat repellent - in market which will keep the rats away by making some ultrasonic sound. It seems to be a neat and clean way. But will that product really works? Have anyone used it before? Also please tell me other options that will prevent rats away.
  3. Much useful topic Shashank_GTO. I am also a novice as far as driving (especially in ghat road) is considered. Always obey the basic traffic rules. Some of those rules may seem childish on other roads. But on ghat roads every rule prove to be vey much needed. Some small points that i think effective are: 1. Always give preference to safety than economy driving (use gears appropriately). 2. Dont overtake on curves. 3. Use horn wherever its needed. 4. Always think that there are vehicles behind ours, so give proper indicators/hand signals so that it will be helpful for others. For eg: when someone tries to overtake you please give them the proper signals or when you are about to stop the car to enjoy the beauty of nature, then turn on indicators and park the car properly without affecting the traffic. 5. Use optimal braking so that the brakepads dont get overheat and cause the loss of brake in an emergency situation. Thanks