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  1. I bought Hyundai Getz Prime 3 months . Yesterday on my way down from Lonavala my car broke down . The clutch was getting engaged but the car was not able to move.On calling the Hyundai Care I was told to tow my vehicle to the service station. They didnt bother to send a mechanic on the spot to attend the problem. Anyways I managed to get my vehicle towed and is now with the Hyundai service station at Jogeshwari W.

    There on inspecting I was told the clutch plates have worn off.

      Now i dont realise this being a self driven car how come the plates have worn off in just 3 month time.

     Can i please ask the members out here to help me with their insights, as I feel cheated by the company.

  2. thanks aton for ur replies ...had anthr query when goin for the car from a dealer is it true tht u can bargain  alot on the price offered by i have heard tht  dealers have a good margin in their hand..and u can cash on one of my frnd bought a ford fiesta now and he bargained wid the dealer and got the price reduced by 50k... well i was really taken aback by this...

  3. hi all, i am lookin fwd to buy a car budget is aroun 5-7 lacs...  myself is settled in mumbai... i was wondering how would u rate ford fiesta, verna or some car else in my range and the after sales service.... is it true tht Maruti is way ahd thn others wen it come to maintenance and spare parts...kindly do share u'r comments...thanks...