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    This is very unfortunate indeed. But honestly, it seems that the 3 Series being made in India, has a lot to do with this. I have a 525i, which came in from Germany in July - and runs like a dream. Having driven the E-Class and the Audi A6, I have to say this is probably one of the best sedans in the world. Handles like a BMW should. I know for a fact though, that people who bought their 5 Series later (once BMW began manufacturing/assembling the 5 Series in India) are facing problems with it - not to mention the fact that its handling is no where near that of mine. I have observed the same trend in all the other manufacturers - Mercedes, Audi etc. The E-Class in India is a rip-off, when compared with its German variant. And Benz service is as bad, if not worse! Basically, everyone is cutting corners and making mistakes, when it comes to their Indian production plants (a pity for the price we pay here). Moral of the story - try your very best to avoid Indian-made car models. Many of them are screwing up, bigtime. (The only exception, seems to be VW, Skoda - who have still maintained some quality). If a model is manufactured/assembled in India - please look at it very, very carefully before proceeding, to ensure everything is ok. Sorry for your troubles. Hope it gets sorted soon ....