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  1. I drive a 2010 panther black ford figo 1.4 tdci titanium. Things have been all fine since i got the car in April 2010 till April 2013. That was just after my 50 k service and the car was still under warranty. I missed on the extended warranty timing and since then problems started for me. 60 k service was carried out at Cauvery ford at mysore. The car was actually towed to the service center due to a burnt clutch on the mysore banglore highway. I got the general service done and the clutch assembly replaced and the charges were around 19 k. That was in august 2013. 2 months after that i had to give my car for an evaporator coil replacement at mpl ford, vadapalani, chennai. That was the second time i was replacing the same. First one under warranty and this one costed me 8000. When i was getting my car back from the service center there was a sound when i was releasing the clutch.They had my car checked and i was told of a list of stuff to be replaced which totaled to a sum of 20k. These included drive belt, tension-er, idler pulley, link rod, and the clutch fly wheel kit. I got a friend mechanic to drive my car. After some basic checking he told me that the transmission oil was almost nil. He had it replaced and the sound was rectified. There was no leak seen and so i send a complaint to ford india. A representative called me asking me about my problem. He heard my entire problem and told me he would get back within 24 hrs. That was in october 2013. I am still waiting for those 24 hrs to get over !!! But since my problems were solved i didnt bother much and have been going fine with my until a few days back when i had a small problem with the gear shift. The lever would move to the left at times. I had to engage the clutch repeatedly and give pressure on the gear lever. The car had done 69000 kms by then and so i booked for a an appointment at mpl ford vadapalani. (No other options around). I had given my car for service today around 1:45. I had also asked the A.S.S guys to check out my suspension as the ride had become a bit bumpy. At 5:45 i got an estimate from the A.S.S guys. It is as follows. Brake pads + disc = 6000 Gear bed = 5500 nylon bearing (transmission) = 600 leak in the transmission hose + topping up transmission oil = 2500 power steering fluid leak need to change both hoses it seems = 17000 general service = 6000 total = 36000 Thats the 70k service cost for a ford figo. I need help badly.