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  1. Interesting topic to bring up Gtmaniac, and in my opinion the charm of a car is her gear stick. As adi1991 put it, feels like a video game to be driving an auto transmission. I know technology advances and betters itself over generations as it has shown in the case of the auto transmission cars... but there still lies the rustic raw appeal when one works the stick... To enjoy one's car i believe one needs to feel her every move and have her respond to the rough treatment at times... she is after all your's to command and to command her well one needs to give her your personal attention and not use a computer as an intermediary... A car gives you back unconditional response and love to whatsoever treatment one may choose to shower upon her... A fair lady love she makes... plus beats my girlfriends for sure!! hahahaha...
  2. looking good... the interior seems ok, though... does she live up to the skoda reputation on the drive....?
  3. Seems like Tata's Failed attempt to release a Rover Sport on Indian Roads, considering i've seen most the rover's pics in the same colour gives an eerie sense on Dejavu...