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  1. Whats with the D-Pillar being so huge? Seems too garish. And why does every next update from toyota have to be so polarising? You either love it or you want to see it burning to the ground. Granted the ride part surpasses any other car in the segment(which is probably what the toyota makers take for granted). The last best thing (design) was the 2.0. Thereon it just seems to go downhill. And seriously, 4.0 what were they thinking???
  2. This is the crash test video of mirage (not NCAP so not sure about the conditions) and it looks pretty bad. The plastic quality is so flimsy, the driver goes past his airbags into the dashboard. http://www.autoevolution.com/news/mitsubishi-mirage-fails-iihs-tests-in-pink-video-75346.html And we would obviously expect them to overlook side curtain airbags, maybe even front ones. Time to wake up people. Stop taking crap from manufacturers.
  3. The rebadging strategy used by Chevrolet for india is really ageing now. Apart from the Tavera(ISUZU panther), i dont think this technique of plonking korean and chinese cars in india ever worked.They were never made for our market.This is evident by the number of Sails and enjoys we see on our roads.Getting another such product at this point a waste of resources.I think its about time chevy got serious about india. A brand like Renault which came much later than chevrolet grew exponentially .. why? Because they understood the indian customer. Yes,marketing does play a crucial part in a product's success but what you offer matters too, especially in an image sensitive market.
  4. Removing the tailgate mounted wheel makes it imperative to have a space saver. Even if the full size one fits in the boot, theres practically no space left in it. This removes any sort of practicality from an already cramped car and also handicaps you in terms of off roading ( coz well ,looks apart, why else would you have a crossover?). The looks are a relative thing but frankly, its a shame anyone would ditch a tailgate mounting when people so desperatly put it on 800s and zens and what not .
  5. And cruise control is a really good and safe way of hypermilling... so thats a selling point in an already efficient car ..
  6. Going by the numbers in which the swift RS sold, this definitely seems like a good idea. And this version looks actually better than it(RS looks overly done). Talking about cruise control, manufacturers think of it as a luxury option which is reserved for the premium segment.Actually it is a really helpful tool for long stretches of roads and introducing this feature in small car segment gives it even more user friendliness.This is what maruti banked on by rolling out the Celerio AMT version.So its definitely worth thinking about.
  7. The C-Pillar area resembles the duster closely and without those flared wheel arches, it looks quite close to it ..
  8. Look more mature when compared to taigun.. note that taigun actually looks like a badge engineered duster which could be considered downmarket for VW standards ... Could focus more on getting this kind of a crossover ready while the hype is still alive...