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  1. The Ertiga looks more spacious and better looking. Just like the Swift and Dzire outsells the Brio and Amaze by a long way, the Ertiga too is going to outsell the Mobilio. Like one of the posters above said, it would have been much better if it was based on the Jazz. But then, Honda may not be able to price it at Ertiga Levels.
  2. I have used two Swifts in the last 8 years. A Swift Vxi followed by a Swift Zxi. The usage of my cars are similar to yours (my wife uses them mostly). I have no hesitation in recommending a Swift petrol version. The Swift Zxi should be the car for you.
  3. Looks much better than the present model. If only they would bring it out with a more powerful diesel (1.8 ltr or so).
  4. Excellent car, but will Honda be able to price it like Maruti?
  5. IMO this car is not likely to find many takers at this price which is Rs 1.72 lacs over the top end normal Polo. The price is quite close to the Honda City or the Hyundai verna.
  6. If Tata doesn't do something about new product launches soon, they wont have any cars to put these engines in. Their sales has been falling month after month. From No 2 position they have slipped to No 5. And with Honda becoming aggressive with diesel engines, very soon they will be No 6 in the Indian market.
  7. I suggest you shortlist about 3 cars and take Test Drives. After that it will be easy to take a decision. Regarding Ecosport, I dont think even the base version diesel will be priced in the 7 lac range.
  8. I would suggest the SWIFT Diesel. The best overall package in this segment, especially since its mostly single driven and rear seat space is not such a big issue. The VDi version would fit right into your budget. If you can stretch your budget go for the ZDi.
  9. Tata needed to bring in at least a top end version with Power steering option. Hardly anyone these days like to drive without it and would have gone a long way in improving the image of the Nano.
  10. Tata needs to do a proper facelift on the Aria and give it a SUV look makeover. The facelift should be such that even a layman should look at the car and say 'Wow New SUV' instead of asking 'Whats new? Just changing the head lamps and tail lamps will not do the job for them. One hopes that this is only an interim refresh and real facelift will come soon.
  11. Whatever Tata wants to do with the Aria, they better do it fast. In February 2013, they sold just 4 Arias across India. They might as well wind up this MUV.
  12. I dont think this is an authentic news. After all why should Tata do a complete re-design and take the help of JLR on an outdated old platform on which the Sumo is made. Would have made more sense to revamp vehicles like Safari Storme or the Aria, which are based are the much more modern X2 platform, both of which could do with better designed exteriors.
  13. Wow!! This looks better than some of our cars. Maybe I will have to buy a farm to have an excuse for buying this
  14. SPIED: 2013 Tata Aria Caught With New Tail Lamp Cluster http://motorbash.com...l-lamp-cluster/ It is speculated that the new 2013 Aria will come with minor cosmetic changes, probably like the ones we have seen – smoked headlamps and a slightly different tail lamp cluster among others. But it is also rumored that Aria might get the more powerful 150hp mill which it already produces for international markets like Italy etc.
  15. This is a Suzuki for the Chinese market based on the Wagon R. Its not likely to come to India.
  16. ^^^ @dr_nishu. Great pictures. So best thing to do, is to buy the double cab. Spent some money and spurce it up with alloy wheels, Music system, body colored bumpers and if required do some more and you will have an SUV with excellent VFM. No point in buying the 25 lac monster. If you want to accomodate more people do some mod job like this
  17. A look at the frame of the Aria makes you realize that Tata could have easily designed a typical Macho SUV bodyshell on this frame. Truly a missed opportunity.
  18. In Pakistan petrol and diesel prices are same and therefore most cars are petrol cars there. Honda withdrew the Civic only because it was not selling here and the latest model of the Civic has been a worldwide flop. They will be coming soon with a revised Civic soon. They are still selling the Accord here and thats their latest version though the sales are abysmally low.(Jan 2013 - only 73 Accords sold) From what I understand from your post, Honda sells in India all the models that they sell in Pakistan except Civic (which they withdrew because of the reasons above). In addition they also sell the Brio and Jazz in India and very soon they are introducing the Amaze in India. So what is the basis for the conclusion that Honda Pakistan has a better line-up than India?
  19. The above pictures are some renderings which have appeared on facebook. Its still quite speculative and not authentic. Read more here http://indianautosblog.com/2013/02/are-you-the-nissan-duster-expected-in-late-2013-62643
  20. Agree with you. At one time Cervo was supposed to be the new Alto 800. Only possibility is that Suzuki Japan are planning to phase out the Cervo and Maruti is planning to pick up the old dies and tools and launch it as the new Zen Estillo. The OP may please provide links or give the source of this information.
  21. I think the initial batch of D90 was manufactured in 2012, though the vehicle was launched in 2013.
  22. I agree with you. But Tata should have priced it and marketed it with Innova in mind. Instead they tried to price it and market it like an SUV -calling it a crossover and also providing 4-wheel drive in the top models. Had Tata priced the equivalent Aria models about 50,000 below the innova, they probably would have sold decent numbers.
  23. The problem is Tata botched both the marketing, pricing and design of the Aria. Tata wanted to showcase it as a SUV put the right interiors and features, priced it like an SUV but designed it to look externally like a MUV and a bloated Indica Vista. Had they brought out a proper SUV (more squarish design) like the Storme or the XUV, it would have sold more. What Tata needs to do is to put a new body shell over the existing platform and mechanicals and bring it out as a proper SUV. This will take some time. In the immediate term they should at least do some major face-lift to the front gill and lights, both bumpers and the D pillar and do away with those terrible Christmas light tail lamps. Tata has been talking about re-launching the car in 2013. Let us hope they can come out with a niggle free product like they have done with the Safari Storme.