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  1. so the jury in not pro Vento will test drive Ford. Ruling out City SV CVT on pricing -- on an apple to apple comparison, Honda City SV CVT (without alloy and rear camera) is expensive, almost 1lac compared to Verna SX AT (with alloy, rear camera). going back to the drawing board...
  2. Hi, I have been driving a Swift ZXI for 5 years now. Have a very very old ligament injury in left leg. And have found my left leg talking to me very often when it peddles the clutch especially in city traffic. Planning to take a car under 12lac under my employer's car scheme. Car on-road has to be under 12lac under the scheme and I have the below choices: 1. Honda City 2014 Petrol. SV automatic or V manual. 2. Vento TSI automatic or Highline Manual 3. Verna SX automatic or Manual. Most of my drive will be city bumper to bumper traffic: Monday to Friday... Quality and safety conscious. Ruling out Honda due to its high price tag. Vento TSI is out of budget since it will cost > 12lac. Verna SX automatic: Like for below reasons: 1. Its automatic 2. Loaded with features. 3. Looks good Concerned about: 1. Engine quality ~ Korea make. 2. Mileage. Manual Verna gives 10-11km/l in city. Automatic may only give 8-10km/l ! 3. Ride and Handling Quality, especially highway drive. Car unstable when you hit upwards of 80km. 4. Braking. Is it true that breaking is not effective in Verna automatic cars since the gearbox not sending torque to the wheels and hence lack of braking pressure ? 5. Suspension. read poor reviews for verna. My friend is also complaining about this back ache... 6. Above all concerned about resale and maintenance of automatic car. Heard Vento automatic gear box is not really the best with only 4 speed transmission. Vento Highline Manual Petrolke Like 1. German quality 2. Stable and comfortable driving 3. highway drive. Dislike 1. Its manual drive. Have heard clutch are (or get) heavy in Vento petrol. Not knowing how the India cities will be after 2-3 years, am highly inclined to buy a automatic car. Please advise !