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  1. Good Afternoon Friends ! Currently I am running my Hyundai-i10 from last six year since my daily drive is approximately 100 Km on state highway it is economically not viable to run petrol car having not good mileage so thought of going ahead with buying new car. I have seen and test drives all the option from small sedan till D-1 category Treanno. Initially I shortlisted Vento or Rapid but due to feedback of high maintenance cost dropped Rapid. Finally restrict myself with budget of 11 and tried to finalise the car. Now I have to choose from Honda City Diesel (SVMT) Vs Duster (RxL+) but not able to take a wise decision. Difficulty in taking decision: Since it’s my hard earned money would like to extract best out of the money and should not take decision based on emotion for next 6 to 7 years minimum. Now the situation is : I like SUV but when it comes to fuel efficiency , drivability of car since wife also need to drive and interior since need to travel daily should be pleasing enough to get rid of office tension and enjoy the ride Honda City seems to be a better option. But when it comes to highway run, safety, maintenance since there are too many gadgets , cabin noise (major concern) and very new engine of HONDA having no major feedbacks available in market Honda city is becoming a beast of concern to me (logically). I am very much confused in such case however my loving wifey is ready to compromise and ready to drive duster whatever way. could you please help me in taking wise decision since it is for all long years wherein I have to live with the decision I am going to take today. I hope to see your immediate response on that.