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  1. Digital meters can be tempered but on other hand it can be checked. My one known person told about his scorpio that he has tempered his odo meter but Mahindra dealer can get the figure of crank revolution.
  2. Is it carrying the same engine with P135?
  3. Any web link (Authorised), where i can see the brochure?
  4. Please elaborate. If it is so then why not safari petrol is in significant numbers on road?
  5. Any manufacturer who say oil change interval is 10K kms or 15K kms but service interval is 5Kkms, then what they do in service? As TAUREAN said service change at Mahindra A.S.S is Rs 4500/-, please provide brake up (if any)
  6. Similar topics already exists and same can be updated. Please use search tab before posting.
  7. I came to know about the thread while searching for machismo. We are having 3 machismo 500 owners in this thread and no up dates since Oct 2009!! Please come back and update about your beasts.
  8. Root question: What type of maintenance issue you are facing?
  9. What is the effect on back pressure of turbocharger? Both (SC & TC) improve air pressure (i.e. more amount of oxygen which helps in burning) in engine. But how knocking is controlled? And if knocking is controlled by increasing quantity of diesel/ petrol why not there is low fuel efficiency when turbo wake up? Performance filters (like K&N) also do the same job of inserting more air in combustion cylinder then why performance filters are not better than TC/SC (also there will be no turbo lag)?
  10. Why not they are serious about Indian market?
  11. Desire is already selling well. To whom MSIL are trying to compete by doing this?