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  1. I have bought a 2004 Corolla H5 for 2.2 lakhs in Oct 2013. I converted it to CNG and the ownership experience has been 100% satisfactory. There is no maintenance whatsoever apart from the servicing (Rs. 3000). The comfort and driving pleasure (even on CNG) has been way better than any midsized sedan. The economy is excellent at Rs 2-3 per km. Aftermarket parts are available in abundance.The car also has good ground clearance and can glide over bad roads way better than Honda Civic. I would recommend this car to every used car buyer. CNG or petrol can be decided as per the daily running.
  2. Fiat onslaught!! Bring it on Fiat! Their engine runs india and cars dont sell in india. Y? Better cars, bigger dealer network and hopefully better after sales service. Thats the way to go.
  3. Looks ugly. But Indian market is all about the practicality, specially this segment. If you can get a 7 seater with engines that run on as less fuel as possible may be coupled with an optional AMT. It will take the market by storm. Poor vehicle but a sure shot hit in out market.