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  1. @rssh the show is just amazing, im hooked, thanks
  2. Is it worth spending Rs. 21000 for alloys(Thats what its costing me at the dealership for 4) If so why, and from the dealership itself or outside (and which brand) For my Fiesta 1.4 EXI
  3. Wait for the new City. If you immediately want to buy a car go in for the Fiesta, definitely not the City Gxi.
  4. Hyundai Santro (80000 Kms) City: 11 Kmpl Hyundai Accent(70000 Kms) City: 8 Kmpl Honda City (5000 Kms) City: 12Kmpl
  5. @rohit has got the DICOR facts about right. I am guessing your budget is around 5.5. I would not suggest you to go for any Tata car. I never trusted Tata cars. You can go for the DZire at this price. Its an excellent car with good boot space and good mileage.
  6. Hyundai Accent....a huge NO. Its a horrible car(and i own one). The amount i spend on fuel on that car could have bought me(together with the amount i spend on the car itself) a Optra Magnum LS (Sparkling Diamond, 11 Lacs on road). As for the Logan, it's another no. I mean when you spend 5-6 Lacs and get in and out of a car in public one should not feel embarrassed. The Fiesta 1.4 will be 50K-60K more than your budget of 6Lacs, but its an excellent car. It is long lasting and is solidly build.
  7. Fiat's MultiJet Engine saved them from bankruptcy!!!
  8. The rear of Sumo Grande does not mix well with the rest of it. The car has retained it's bread box type finish even after all the designing.
  9. it will be very tough for the DZire to touch 200. It should go to around 160, not very much more. The engine in the Swift/DZire (Diesel) is very good, it's quiet and gives excellent mileage.
  10. Confused

    Small car !!

    The i10 is the car for you. It's a new generation car with a lot of features. It has excellent interiors and is a lot of fun to drive.
  11. The Ikon was launched in Oct 1999, so needless to say it is a very old car. It is low slung, with old fashioned interiors, poor mileage etc. The Accent, should have been phased out with the launch of the Verna but it wasn't. Being an owner of an Accent, i would not recommend it to anyone. The Indigo CS is a new entry level sedan and is priced very attractively. It has some minor setbacks like a slow pickup and below average interiors, but it is overall a much better car than your other choices.
  12. Can any one suggest where to go in for performance tuning in Kolkata???
  13. I am currently using the Fiesta 1.4. I took thorough test drives of the Aveo 1.4 and the Fiesta 1.4, and the Ford wins hands down. I was skeptical about buying my first Ford, due to all the talk about expensive spares and maintenance, but due to the 80000/4 yr extended warranty and the Total Maintenance Package(TMP) i don't need to worry, and so shouldn't you. Pros: 1) Excellent build quality(SAFE, unlike the Aveo). 2)Perfectly powered for city driving. 3)All basic features at a reasonable price. (My dealer is provided me the benefits under Ford March Masti) its a much better car than the aveo
  14. @rahul86 I would not recommend the Honda City ZX VTEC Plus, since it unnecessarily expensive. Your needs will be perfectly met with the Fiesta 1.6 SXI. Its fully loaded, within your budget, and provides a reasonable mileage. You would be missing a passenger side air-bag, but it will save you 2 Lacs(from the City) The SX4 is another option, but the poor rear visibility, terrible middle of rear seat, and poor build quality puts it a few notches below the fiesta. The Cedia is a very good entry level luxury sedan, but it has low ground clearance, which will be a problem for Indian roads!