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  1. Renderings: Next gen Volkswagen Polo

    Any idea about when it would be launched in india? Planning to buy one
  2. As my swift is 10 years old now and is showing signs of aging which leaves me to sell it and buy a new car. I already have skoda octavia(2013) hyundai i20 elite(2015) so now loking to buy an suv. my max bugdet is 15-17 lakhs which leaves me with options like Creta, Duster & XUV500. all of them are capable ones but its really confusing to choose one among them. Hyundai Creta- looks amazing from the front but i personally dont like its back, features packed, gem 1.6 engine, great A.S.S Renault Duster- I just love its looks that macho feel but interiors are not as good as creta or the xuv500 but i think i can adjust for that great looks Mahindra XUV500- another great looker, bigger than both of them, feature packed but at a cost Now which one to select is the toughtest part, I love all of them though. This car wont be like a daily commuter. please now advice me which one would be the best. Any other suggestions are welcomed
  3. i am planning to buy a car within 9 lakhs on-road...n m totally confused what to buy... i want a car for daily use travelling approx 35-40km per day...plz plz help me
  4. Compact sedan or hatchback

    Wait is over and this beauty is here, these are some of the pics clicked during delivery
  5. Compact sedan or hatchback

    And its the delivery day got a call in the morning from kun united hyundai and informed that my car has arrived, done with the payment, just waitng for the car to get ready
  6. Compact sedan or hatchback

    Due to my sisters marriage car purchase was delayed, and now finally have booked Elite I20 asta crdi (pearl white) around 2 weeks ago. It was tough decision between elite i20 and i20 active, I then finally zerod down to elite as this car is for city use, and i didnt find i20 active that attractive too. And am just eagerly waiting for it to arrive.
  7. Fully loaded hatch or entry level sedan? What would you buy?

    Its according to your requirement,as in if you want a car for city use in day to day traffic an hatch would be a better option considering that you already own a sedan.
  8. The Gadgets and Gizmos thread!

    Booked iPhone 6 64gb..eagerly waitin for 17th..!!
  9. which one to buy in 20L range

    @nikhil- go for octavia it is osom...!!...I own diesel elegance n I m vry happy wid it...!!
  10. @neeraj-its was by mistake it got posted 5 tyms...n yeah its ok...its just dat u r comfortable wid classic den go for it..!lits ur choice as I said before...!!
  11. @neeraj- i suggest u also c tata manza its a proper 3 box sedan bigger than classic n have mre features in ur price bracket...at the end of day its ur choice...do say ur final decision ...manza is far more better dat fiesta...!!
  12. @neeraj- i suggest u also c tata manza its a proper 3 box sedan bigger than classic n have mre features in ur price bracket...at the end of day its ur choice...do say ur final decision ...manza is far more better dat fiesta...!!
  13. @neeraj y dont u checkout sx4 also..its a nyc car..I also agree wid monoclonal think twice before signin for classic..!!
  14. Compact sedan or hatchback

    I just dont want i20..4 of my cousins own dat so m not bringin it i my mind it is an osom car but I dont want dat.... I have come down to xcent top end or honda city mid or basic variant. .ill td them soon n let u kno wat m goin to buy..!! Thank you guyzz fr helping me..!!!
  15. Compact sedan or hatchback

    yeah I kno dat as its nly 700km per month so petrol is better option but I want a diesel coz in ma family dey r tellin to buy diesel...I want a car fully loaded wid features n wid diesel engine...!!..so I want to kno best car in dat range..I m gettin confused between many cars in market..cant decide ny
  16. Compact sedan or hatchback

    I was thinkin of city diesel but heard that in cabin there is too much noise..is it correct..?
  17. Compact sedan or hatchback

    i currently own swift zxi (2006) n octavia elegance(2013) as swift is old n petrol thinkin to change dat
  18. Compact sedan or hatchback

    Whats your Budget - Rs 9L ON ROAD Kms driven monthly - 700KMS Bodyshell - Hatch/Compact Sedan Max No.of Passangers - 3 Boot space Importance - Medium Usage by - normal Ownership - City Safety -Medium Prime requirement - Ride
  19. What car do you own ?

    i currently own swift(2006) n octavia(2013)...thinking to buy xcent