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  1. TVS Apache is a great product esp. 180 CC. Thinking about having a 17bhp bike which can perform fast you should always go with ABS equipped brakes. Safety comes first. Giving a few more bucks for your safety is never costly! So please opt for only ABS equipped. Talking of color black or white, depends up on your personal choice. White works well rather in conditions like ours. Scratches dents etc. are less visible plus it does not fade away that much as that black does. Buy any color. Ride safe.
  2. Current: Hyundai Verna Fluidic 1.6 Sx (O), Tata Indica V2 (2002) Earler: HM Ambassador> Maruti 800> Maruti Zen> Toyota Qualis> Maruti Alto> Maruti Swift> Maruti Swift Dzire
  3. Very well described review of a Bullet by a bulleteer! I also own two of them but they have UCE in them.. Cast Iron was a breeze to drive but not to own Keep updating this thread, take this machine over highways for what it's made up. Keep riding Keep thumping!
  4. Sir you can't say that service provided by Ford India is poor but yes it can be said that it's not that efficient or effective as of Marutis and Hyundai's. Eco Sport is a brand new product and the shortbacks of the product are still to arise as it takes time. But have faith in your product, both, the car and the manufacturer are trustworthy in Indian market.
  5. My previous ID was Tejen, i also gave an ownership review of Royal Enfield Classic 350 which you can read in the ownership experience segment of forum. Talking of my drives i own a RE Classic 350 RE classic Desert Storm Tata Indica V2 (2002) and a Hyundai Verna Fluidic 1.6 SX(O)
  6. Opting for Aquila 250 would not result out in a good decision. The quality of the product is drastic! As the price at which it is offered the product simply is neither in the leauge! Vibrations, poor plastic and ownership experience would definitely left you over wanting much and much. Aprillia 250 is rather a good choice but again as stated above is a sports bike thus you must know which cateogery you want to eneter to! Talking of current product KTM Duke 390 offers up unmatched performance built quality and relaibilty in terms. The product simply outclasses everything elese. Perforamnce is just awesome. Goes 0 to 100 in just 5.5 secs (approx.) and top whack is around 170+ kmph So talking over a reliable thing Duke outstands! Go for it so that you don't repent in future.
  7. I am Tejen Dhankhar and i am not new to this forum.. i forgot my essentials required to login i.e. my password! What a silly man i am! It's been a long time i have not been on this forum ... It has changed a lot ... New members coming up everyday! Good to see more and more enthusiasts! Would be posting as interesting as i could. See you guys.