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  1. After a rake assembly has been changed 2 weeks back, new problem has been observed. whenever i rotate the steering to right end(when the car is stationary) car jerks heavily and the car is on the verge of getting off(cabin lights are blinking). Also sometimes, i'm unable to unlock the car using remote(i'm able to see the light glowing in remote). Kindly suggest me what should i ask SA to check? I'm very much disappointed,the above mentioned problem happened when i took a car for emergency (early morning @3AM) to drove on highway..i'm very much scared to drive a car now.
  2. I gave the car to service(HMP,Chennai) on Monday. Service guys checked all the wiring and cleaned the electronic controls and promised this issue wont happen again.Also noticed on test drive, a drum sound is coming on the left side and for this they're changing the Rake assembly(Costs 10k) in warranty.
  3. I want to ask you about a strange problem in my Hyundai i20 2013 - Sportz petrol(7000KMS). When the car is running at the speed of 40-50Kmph if i blink the headlight, car engine is getting stopped and restarts again(It is similar when we fails to press the cluth in first gear, the car is geeting stopped with the small pull).When this problem occurs, in the center console "ABS", "Handbrake" & "Door open" light starts glowing. I gave the car to the service center and waiting for their feedback.(Service team said they'll check the ECM). Before this problem occurred, a week ago my AC stopped working.if i on the AC, no air flow is observed.When the temperature gets decreased to the low, heat air started coming out of the AC vents.Stragely this problem is not occurred until now. Let me know your thoughts.