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    Rudra reacted to neerajd in Ford Classic - Or should I consider any other car?   
    Hello Friends,
    Finally, I'm on the lookout of another car!
    I still plan to keep my Swift which has served me very well since the past 6.5 yrs (done 73k on it - no issues)
    I'm on a budget here and dont want to spend more than 8.5 lacs *on road.
    I've zeroed on the Ford Classic Titanium diesel which fits my bill to a good extent.
    Its a proper 3 box, comes with all the safety features but misses heavily on a few good to have features like the steering mounted controls and climatronic AC which are on offer on the sub-4 meter so-called sedans these days. Not a showstopper for me...
    I'd like your opinion here - whether to go ahead and get the Classic or look for any other car in the same price bracket?
    I'm actually done with the hatch and would like to have a sedan now..
    My Use: Primarily to be used as a daily commute to office (40-50 kms daily), wknd trips and a few long drives.
    Concerned about:
    1. Low on power (68 bhp no turbo) thats what i read online.
    2. Boot space only 430 lts - The Hyundai Xcent comes with a 407!
    3. Aged now..
    Also, I'd like to know if you still get these alloys as an option...

    i dont like the current ones on offer.