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  1. I bought car from Ford India/ Mody Ford, begumpet, Hyderabad. the engine of my car gave away with in one and half year of purchase or 36000kms. I did buy extended warranty at the time of car purchase itself but unfortunately ford India did not honor warranty and cheated us by not accepting responsibility for the car or the warranty they sold. the regular service charges are very high and the body work charges or absurdly priced. my recommendation do not buy any vehicle made of FORD India.
  2. I had very bitter experience with Ford Figo car and the dealership Ford India / Mody Ford, Begumpet, Hyderabad. the regular service costs a lot ad body work is absurdly high priced and top it off the service center is very unfriendly in comparison to other Indian Brands. My ordeal with Ford India started when the engine of the car itself gave away after just 36000kms. Though we bought the extended warranty the Ford India unreasonably denied the warranty attributing the problem as our negligence. I called the Ford India but as any one can figure it out it was a typical corporate wait and a denial which followed. All in all my experience with Ford left bitter taste in my mouth. I believe they are more interested in selling cars than establishing standards or customer trust. it is a car indeed with poor engine and bad after service. I bought the car for my dad who is an elderly man and Ford India had failed us. My recommendation do not buy any vehicle that is of FORD.