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  1. As promised earlier, here is the update. On recommendation from Maruti, my service station did the following: - Replace the engine head Diagnosis: The power loss is due to sticky valves caused by soot deposit Action done: Done under warranty. The valves did have soot deposit as observed on the removed valves - Remap the ECU. No reason why ECU should be remapped was given to my satisfaction. Action done: ECU remapped. Unfortunately, Maruti did not share the power, torque characteristics of the ECU remap They said power and torque was expected to improve. I find the vehicle has become quieter compared to what it was earlier when I took it for a test drive. The power loss problem was not observed during test drive (will have to wait and watch, hopefully, it won't come back) Any change in fuel efficiency - I have to complete a couple of tankfuls before I can comment on it While I appreciate the service from Maruti dealer, it was not effortless ... I had to spend a lot of time pursuing the matter. The onus was completely on me to reproduce the erratic problem! In my case, there was absolutely no indication on the dashboard instrument cluster. The SDT (the device used for reading the error codes and to monitor the problem) also was of no use. (When the problem was reproduced in the presence of Maruti Technician, the SDT did not say anything was wrong or throw any error code) Further, to be fair, there are similar complaints from Fiat Punto users and others (Pls. read: Hence, to be fair to Maruti, we can generalize the problem to Fiat - Multijet engines. I will try to add the tag myself, If there is a provision for the same (If there is no prvision, I request the moderators to do this for the benefit of all) By the way, In my opinion, it is high time Fiat and other Multijet cars manufacturers should come clean on this issue and avoid hardship to the customers. This may call for finding the root cause, finding the correct solution and implementation in all cars (if need be do recalls). regards, -Sree
  2. Here is an update. The problem reappeared within 2000 Kms (about little over a month back). Appearance of the problem turned out to be erratic. It could happen below rpms below 2K as well as above 2K. Other conditions remained more less the same like AC on, 5th gear etc... Thinking of the ordeal of reproducing the problem in the presence of Maruthi service people, I kept on postponing the visit. Finally, I made a visit to the service station last weekend and thank God, the problem appeared once to their satisfaction. They experienced the vibration during power loss which happened briefly and accepted. Now what? I am told that they will write to Maruthi and do as per their advise. I am yet to get a call from them. Will update.
  3. Dear all, Thanks for the responses My car was examined by the Maruthi service station. After doing "some cleaning and corrective work", I was told that the car was fine. I insisted that I should know the root cause and the corresponding counter measure. A meeting with Maruthi representative was arranged and a test drive was taken to reproduce the problem. The problem could not be reproduced! The Maruthi representative accepted that there could be a problem though the condition was not reproduced. He recommended EGR cleaning. The service head in the service station then said, EGR cleaning was already carried out (The most likely reason why the problem could not be reproduced) Pls. note FIAT manual for 90 BHP doesnt talk about EGR valve cleaning schedule. DDIS service manual says EGR valve should be cleaned every 30000 km, may be due to different ECU programming/ engine tuning. In mycase the EGR valve had to be cleaned @ 9500 Km! I am expecting that the the problem will reoccur. The expected range of corrective measures if the problem reoccurs are ECU reprogramming, replacement etc... I also got confirmation that there are many others who experienced similar problems. My not so spirited driving style of driving in city would have made the problem to surface early. Will keep you all posted. Sree
  4. I understand the lag @ lower rpms The problem I am facing is quite odd. In fifth gear with ac ON, all of a sudden @ 2000 rpm while acclerating from sub 2000 rpm (no lag at experienced @ 1850, 1900, 1950 etc), you feel no power. The engine is stuck at 2000 rpm and accelerator has no effect. Then gradualy it climbs up. Does DDIS 90BHP engine have a drastic torque dip @ 2000 rpm?
  5. Referring to the response from rssh, Ertiga has a VGT. My understanding is VGTs is computer controlled and are different from twin turbos. Correct me if I am wrong. regards, -Sreekumar
  6. Thanks for the response. Does it mean that all the Lineas, Manzaas and SX4s have the same problem. They all share the same (may be with slight variation) Fiat Multijet engine 90BHP. By the way, please note that the the problem occured with single passenger (the driver ) in the car. So we cant say that the car was overloaded! I am a little confused. According to you, this behavior should be taken as normal/ acceptable/ expected behavior or as a problem to be addressed. regards, Sree
  7. Thanks for the response. In fact I also did not face any problem initially. I have even gone for long drives. By the way, there are comple of ertiga Diesel owners who raised this issue in other forums. Anyways, if everybody is facing the problem then it is a design problem. If only some are facing, may be it needs to be taken as component failure probem. regards, -Sree
  8. Hi, I own a Maruti Suzuki Ertiga ZDI Purchased in Jul 2013 Age - 9 months Odometer - 9000+ Problem: The engine stops responding under the following conditions: Gear - 5th Driving Condition: Normal acceleration in 5th gear from sub 2000 rpm @ 2000 rpm (post shifting to 5th gear from 4th gear) Airconditioner - ON Engine recovers after some time if the pedal is kept pressed, may be with some power loss (not sure) If the pedal is released to bring the rpm down, the problem goes away and reappears at 2000 rpm Status of the problem: Reported to Maruti authorized service center, Response/ clarification given not satisfactory and hence in doubt whether the problem will get resolved or not. I observe the same problem reported by other people as well in the web. Request all who are experiencing this problem to share information here about the problem as well as whether problem is addressed and if addressed how. regards, Sree