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  1. Dear rssh, nice to know about the repairs. Make sure to wash(large amount of water, high pressure is not required) the intercooler and radiators which were cleaned by the caustic soda thoroughly otherwise fins will corrode with the traces of caustic soda left. Also not a good idea to put mesh filter if facility of paper filter exists. Put the paper filter as it purifies the air to 25microns and keeps the A/C evaporator(responsible for the cooling) fins clean. Thanks for posting pictures and mentioning the cost involved too.
  2. Few days back I found my A/C not working for the wagon r, showed to the dealer he said need to change the compressor would cost you 32000Rs. I thought what is the use of car enthusiast if you can't take care of it. So removed the front bumper and saw the A/C belt was broken and the A/C coil plastic melted and seized the pulley. Tried to turn the pulley but too hard. I thought may be something broke in the compressor. So I took the car to the A/C specialised shop, there collected the gas by A/C vacuum pump(as R134A) as the gas may harm the environment. As my wagon r does not have the cabin filter but I had cut the plastic grill of air suction and put a air filter(made of interwoven fibre) available in the auto store. As this is not a fine filter so the evaporator was dirty. So I bargained the cost with the shop owner to clean the evaporator and recharge the gas and renew the oil. This was the time I found that unlike the evaporator in household car evaporators are very very delicate. These guys soaked the evaporator in soap solution and then washed the fins in running water, all the muck came out. After assembling with new coil, A/c was started, too good!!
  3. Hyundai i10 most uncomfortable to drive

    i10 comes with automatic transmission, sell your present car and buy a car with automatic transmission.
  4. Car buying decision? Use this template

    Apart from all the parameters include, customer to visit the forums to know how the car is performing and what is the response of the car maker and the dealers with regard to the customer's complaints?
  5. Ertiga DDiS Engine Power Loss Problem

    If initially your engine was performing well then the reason may be really simple.(1)Try renewing the fuel filter and see the performance (2) Renew the air filter for the engine intake. (3) The turbine blades wouldn't have developed exhaust deposits so soon.
  6. spare part list and price of Fiat Vehicles

    Can any of you guys provide me the information as to where can I get Honda Amaze(diesel) spare parts manual and if possible maintenance manual ?
  7. Amount of adulteration in the market the oil makers recommends that you buy the oil only from the dealers(dealers address from the oil maker's website). The synthetic is only useful for the air compressors where heavy carbonization of the suction valves were completely avoided and synthetic oil was a boon. So apart from getting 50% extra mileage for the twice costly oil, isn't worth.
  8. I am very skeptical when it comes to the cars from TATA, the quality of the parts are very poor and response from the dealers, even the company operated, is pathetic. Whether they facelift or whatever the past customer would not dare to again go for the TATA cars.
  9. I have just purchased Honda Amaze and have been looking at the post on the Facebook Honda car India, the page has become complaint forum. The customers are not at all happy with the dealers and the Honda company officials.