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  1. 7 hours ago, lehoa0911 said:
    A classy car with an extreme demeanor..Too great


    On 29/10/2019 at 5:36 PM, F30 said:


    - Engine Performance
    - Handling & Steering
    - Puts down power on the road very well for a RWD 
    - Easy to Drive Fast


    - No Manual Transmission Yet
    - Rear Seat Space was disappointing
    - Indian pricing needs at-least a 12-15% downward correction 

    The video includes a quick exterior walkaround;

    Screen Shot 2019-10-29 at 2.21.33 AM.png

    ^ The car was in this tremendous spec of Agate Grey Metallic + Satin Aurum Wheels combo

    It was my dream to breach the 300km/h speed barrier & thanks to the German Autobahns was able to fulfill this. Few moments are life changing & this was one of them; 

    Screen Shot 2019-10-29 at 2.27.31 AM.png

    ^ What a feeling !!! 

    Other Key Points & Observations; 

    - The variant of 911 i was driving is the all new 992 Gen. Porsche 911 Carrera S. 
    - The 911 had a good view out & a nice overall visibility which is much confidence inspiring when driving hard.
    - Strangely the car is not that easy to drive at slow speeds, particularly difficult to place in small city streets, overtaking larger vehicles in road construction temporary lanes on highways partly due to the increased wide body width of this gen 911.
    - It was good to see Porsche retain an analogue Revv Counter right in the line of vision. 
    - Don't know why there is no HUD on offer on such a driver focussed car, was a big miss. 
    - The rear camera is not that good.
    - The Porsche Communication Management's 10.9 inch touch screen was of just the right size & flawless in its operation. 
    - Short tout gear lever is a good experiment, but im not a fan.
    - Cabin Quality is good for the sports car it is, but with the way it is priced in India its not special enough.
    - Bose sound system was good.
    - The 3L Turbo Flat 6 makes about 450 HP & 530 NM, which are not fancy figures but ENOUGH to keep you entertained & propel the car forward gear after gear. In-fact was very confidence inspiring to go full throttle and the car was putting down the power very well.
    - Redlines at about 7500 rpm which is good for a turbo petrol.
    - The Engine sounds sensational when going all out.
    - The PDK was a real strength when going all out no doubt but did feel jerky at low speeds.
    - Paddle Shifters felt good, but needed to be slightly larger. 
    - The steering feels great all the time with ideal communicative feedback providing good grip & stability during high speed cornering.
    - Not sure whether my car had 4 wheel steering or not.
    - I personally did not like the way the pop out door handles were implemented, not a fan of those & found them complicating.
    - Brakes were excellent & so was the pedal feel.
    - My car did not have the nose lift feature, considering how low the 911 is, it would be an obvious necessity for prospective buyers here in India.
    - I crossed 300 km/h at-least on 5 occasions & the best top speed i could achieve was 315 km/h in the 6th gear & not 7th or 8th.
    - Do note that the variant of 911 (Carrera S) i was driving was a RWD.
    - I drove the 911 for about 410 kms. From Berlin to Leipzig & back to Berlin.
    - On full tank it has great fuel range of aprox 750 kms. Probably my car was equipped with the new optional 90 L Fuel Tank (that's huge).
    - The 911 was running on Super 98 Octane fuel.

    P.S. - The speeds done were on Unrestricted sections of the German Autobahns, hence no road closures were required to attempt such speeds. Im not a professional racing driver but i do have prior experience of driving on such sections in various other cars in Germany over many years.



  2. You all narrated the incidents but not what went wrong with your car and what was the root cause of the breakdown, you didn’t mention. Breakdown can be from coolant starvation or blown fuse etc be prepared and carry with you few spares, water, 1/2 litre of engine oil, to top up. Do regular service of your car and most important know your car.

  3. Someone scratched my car’s left side panels including boot cover as shown in the picture. That is 5 panels, total cost of repairs would amount to 20,000₹. I wouldn’t spend above money for none of my fault. So thought why wouldn’t I try touching up my car after watching plenty of YouTube videos, if anything goes bad then I can give the car to a workshop. I had heard about the com-paints long time before so went through their Facebook page, they would provide Scratch solution(touch up paint spray can, varnish can, fast setting filler tube, wax tube, scraper, two sand paper pads) in a decent box. It costed me 685₹, without courier charges. Though the reviews weren’t so good. They make you select the touch up paint by year of make of your car, colour of shades available during the year of purchase etc. Well! Watch few videos com-paints sponsored videos but real deal is how well and how long you shake the paint-can so that metallic lustre and paint mixes( needless to say clean the area, cover other panels with news paper, closed space etc) as soon as filler is applied to the scratches it begans to dry fast, scrape the excess filler with the scraper(side with smooth edge facing the car panel) then you need to wait 2~3 minutes then start sanding the area, with filler in place, with super- fine sand paper with water till the face sanded gets smooth like rest of  the panel. Clean the sanded panels with water and wipe them clean. Shake the can nicely atleast for 5 minutes, spray the paint on the panel from a distance 1 to 1.5 feet away with sweeping action. Two to three sweeps are sufficient then spray varnish two sweeps. The varnish will keep the metallic lustre in place and shine. Varnish is very important part of the procedure. Paint and varnish cans are just sufficient for approximately 4 square foot area, so it’s less. You can see the attached pictures before and after.



  4. “AC ON” display stopped lighting after 5 years, so inquired with Honda service centre, their reply renew the whole switch assmy. That’s ridiculous! After struggling for some time, I could remove & dismantle the switch. The bulb assmy is with a 2mm diameter filament bulb, which produces a lot of heat, thus making the switch hot. Now I turned and lifted the fused bulb assmy. Filament bulb’s two end are wire which are twisted in the bulb holder. What I did is renew it with blue LED with a resistor to withstand 12V DC. The soldering needs to be clean and wrapped with heat shrink tube. The final result is as shown in attached pictures and total cost just 15₹ plus 100% satisfaction.