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  1. @librankurI hope you make it within first 1000 bookings
  2. @chatmithil When the car is running hydrostatic damage can’t happen. These things happen during start, leaking head gasket, causing the coolant to collect in the combustion space. If one take his car through water logged area only then water will enter the combustion space and this water can bend the connecting rod.
  3. Looks of the Mitsubishi Eclipse is good but nowhere near H.Creta. Though I am not a big fan of both the makers but to beat creta price tag would play a major role. The service network of the Mitsubishi is pathetic in India. Hyundai has remained sincere to the Indian market.
  4. That’s a real sad, I am a proud owner of first generation Honda Amaze and no issues till date. Mine is a idtec but absolutely awesome performance.
  5. Check the following & update: 1) when you press the AC button do you notice the change in the engine sound? 2) I hope the AC belt is tight enough
  6. The service network of the BMW network is way better than the Jaguar. BHP generated by BMW is better than the Jaguar. 0 to 100 by the BMW is done in 6.8 secs and Jaguar trails by 1.3 secs.
  7. You all narrated the incidents but not what went wrong with your car and what was the root cause of the breakdown, you didn’t mention. Breakdown can be from coolant starvation or blown fuse etc be prepared and carry with you few spares, water, 1/2 litre of engine oil, to top up. Do regular service of your car and most important know your car.
  8. Someone scratched my car’s left side panels including boot cover as shown in the picture. That is 5 panels, total cost of repairs would amount to 20,000₹. I wouldn’t spend above money for none of my fault. So thought why wouldn’t I try touching up my car after watching plenty of YouTube videos, if anything goes bad then I can give the car to a workshop. I had heard about the com-paints long time before so went through their Facebook page, they would provide Scratch solution(touch up paint spray can, varnish can, fast setting filler tube, wax tube, scraper, two sand paper pads) in a decent box. It costed me 685₹, without courier charges. Though the reviews weren’t so good. They make you select the touch up paint by year of make of your car, colour of shades available during the year of purchase etc. Well! Watch few videos com-paints sponsored videos but real deal is how well and how long you shake the paint-can so that metallic lustre and paint mixes( needless to say clean the area, cover other panels with news paper, closed space etc) as soon as filler is applied to the scratches it begans to dry fast, scrape the excess filler with the scraper(side with smooth edge facing the car panel) then you need to wait 2~3 minutes then start sanding the area, with filler in place, with super- fine sand paper with water till the face sanded gets smooth like rest of the panel. Clean the sanded panels with water and wipe them clean. Shake the can nicely atleast for 5 minutes, spray the paint on the panel from a distance 1 to 1.5 feet away with sweeping action. Two to three sweeps are sufficient then spray varnish two sweeps. The varnish will keep the metallic lustre in place and shine. Varnish is very important part of the procedure. Paint and varnish cans are just sufficient for approximately 4 square foot area, so it’s less. You can see the attached pictures before and after.
  9. @PuneetM incase you are going for the preowned 2018 Q3, try to get the car’s history of maintenance. You will come to know if any major repairs done on it. Get yourself atleast 3 years comprehensive maintenance contract, so that spares plus labour charges are covered. Refrain from buying roadside assistance. Spares and repairs are way costly as compared to eco cars.
  10. vikky1971

    Kia Seltos

    This shows that most of the people are ignorant of the fact that these rides don’t comply with BSVI and these companies are clearing their unsold inventories