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  1. Hi All Planning on getting a fiat linea classic. It comes with 195/70 R14 tires and steel rim. Active comes with 195/60 R15 And top end comes with 205/55 R16 The car would be used as a daily runner with weekend highway trips. Basically the first car to get out of the driveway for anything. From purely a functional perspective what is preferred for wheels and tyres. My thoughts are to upgrade to 15" or 16" guessing the car is better tested with them and more suited. Guessing 14" was only used to bring the price down. Thoughts? To upgrade and if so to what? Speed is not that big a factor, stability on high speeds, braking & handling are. Want to switch to alloys though keeping them as basic / stock looking as possible. OEM alloys are a bit expensive so trying to find alternatives as well.